Why Meat Is Not Tender When Cooked In Instant Pot

instant pot meat not tender
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instant pot meat not tender

Meat takes a long time to get cooked in the instant pot, but too much time can also tenderize it. The pressure in the instant pot makes the meat tender if it is cooked slowly. For tasty instant pot meat and not tender you need to figure out how long to cook it. Cooking time in an instant pot also depends upon the type of meat you want to cook like chicken requires less cooking time as compared to beef and mutton requires more time as compared to beef.

Meat Not Tender In Instant Pot 

Does Meat Turn Tender In An Instant Pot?

Many factors can turn a slice of meat into tender. The tenderness of meat mainly depends upon the time for which it is being cooked in an instant pot.

The Importance Of timing In An Instant Pot:

Timing is the most important thing while cooking in an instant pot. A difference of a minute or two can greatly affect the instant pot meat and can turn it into a tender. It takes about 45 minutes at high pressure before the meat is turned tender. Meat is cooked instantly and extremely quickly in an instant pot but still gives the same flavourful and delicious taste. Instant pot meat and not tender also depends upon the recipes of the manufacturer and their timing chart. It is important to follow the recipes, the right cooking method, and the timings given by the manufacturer.

The use of the marinade can also depend upon turning the instant pot meat into the tender. If the marinade contains such ingredients that turn meat tender then you need to change it if you need instant pot meat and not tender.

What makes the meat juicy and tender?

Tenderness and Juiciness are two important factors related to meat quality. The tenderness and juiciness of the meat depending upon the number of cuts on the meat, the use of the marinade, ingredients, and the most important cooking time.

The longer the meat is cooked, the more it loses water and the tougher it becomes which means that a slight change in the cooking time can lead to overcooked or undercooked instant pot meat.

If you open the instant pot’s lid make sure to taste and balance it for the right taste.

Instant pots are a great tool to speed up the cooking process especially meat. Tough meats are made tender in an instant pot and can give a great taste to your dish.

Cooking meat in an instant pot can be very interesting and can have great taste if all the above points are kept in mind.


Instant pot meat not being tender can turn the meat tough and may also cause problems while eating it. Now, here is a complete guide to making meat more tender and all other small details to keep in mind while cooking instant pot meat.

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