Less, Normal And More Button On Instant Pot (Explained)

instant pot less normal more button
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instant pot less normal more button

Meta: have you just started using an instant pot and trying to figure out some of its functions. Well, this blog can help you to know what less, normal, and more buttons do.

It is believed that instant pot is very easy to use because they have a simple operation with pre-programmed recipes as well. Yes! instant pot is very easy to use but it is hard for some people to figure out what is the use of certain buttons present on the instant pot. People often get confused with less normal and more buttons options. Many people also want to know how to cook on either low or high pressure.

Less Normal And More Button On Instant Pot

The three buttons on the instant pot are there to be used for the adjustment of temperature and the cooking time. These buttons can allow you to change to different temperatures but on non-pressure functions. For example, you can change the temperature at Saute, slow cook, and yogurt. Moreover, for preset programs these buttons also allow you to adjust preset different cook times. Although the timing can also be adjusted by the + or – buttons.

There are a few most commonly used preprogrammed recipes that require the use of less normal and more buttons.

1.    Saute

The shutter button is there to help you with different vegetables and delicate foods. It can also allow you to cook food until brown. Saute also includes simmering soups and foods. Most of the saute procedure is performed with the lid open. There are three different temperature ranges when working with saute buttons.

  • The Normal button ranges from 320 to 349 degrees Fahrenheit which can be perfect for making regular saute or for Browning the food.
  • The More button range is from 347 to 410 degrees. This temperature range is good for stir-frying and also for the enhanced browning of the food.
  • The range of the less button is from 275 to 302 degrees. This range is perfect for simmering and thickening the sauce while making a soup or something.

2.    Slow-cook

The old slow-cookers have been replaced by instant pots because instant pots have the same function but with better features. Typically for slow cookers there is a range for 190 degrees to 300 degrees on low to high settings. In Instant pots, the slow cook button has three different temperatures.

  • The temperature range of Less is 180 to 190
  • The temperature range of Normal is 192 200
  • The temperature range of More is 200 to 210

3.    Meat/Stew

Everyone loves the tender and soft meat Right exactly when it falls off the bone. This feature can make your meat extremely tender and loveable. There are three ranges available.

  • You can cook the meat on Normal which is 230 degrees for 35 minutes
  • More, you will have 45 minutes
  • Less, you will have 20 minutes

Hopefully, this quick guide will help you to use more, normal, and fewer buttons appropriately. You can now use them with the correct recipes to achieve the best results out of your instant pot.

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