Idylis Deep Freezer Stopped Working (4 Helpful Solutions)

Idylis Deep Freezer Stopped Working
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Idylis Deep Freezer Stopped Working

Whether you own a restaurant, cafe, bar, or convenience store, a freezer is a must-have for you. No matter how well-cooked and delicious your dishes are, without proper storage, they are useless.

So, storing your dishes is as important as their taste. A freezer is all you need to keep food items in significant quantities. Idylis deep freezers are popular among households because they are designed with high-end freezing and promising features that promise top-notch cooling.

They have been around for quite some time now and for good reasons. They come with innovative features and excellent cooling ability to float your boat, and their excellent durability is an added bonus.

These freezers are so durable that most of them are still functional, even if they were purchased decades ago. However, like other electronic appliances, your Idylis deep freezer may sometimes be under the weather.

There could be many reasons for this, which we will discuss later in this article. Furthermore, we’d also share some result-oriented troubleshooting methods with you hereinafter.

Idylis Deep Freezer Stopped Working

There could be many reasons why your Idylis deep freezer is not working.

  1. The Electricity Connection

Any electrician would tell you that when the deep freezer just stops working, the first thing you have to do is check the electricity connection. You need to check the outlet where the freezer is plugged into.

It is suggested to plug out the freezer and check it by plugging something else, like a lamp or a charger, into the outlet to find out whether the outlet is the culprit or not. If the lamp switches on, there is something wrong with the freezer, and you need to call up the electrician.

On the other hand, if the lamp doesn’t switch on, know that the plug is not working and needs to be fixed. Whatever the case is, you must call the electrician to fix up the electrical outlet, and in the meantime, you can plug the freezer into a different outlet.

Unplug the device
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If you notice that your electrical outlet is burnt, replacing it would be the only option. Fortunately, it is pretty easy to replace it, even if you haven’t done it before. However, consider reaching out to a professional if you are unsure about it.

Before replacing your electric outlet, make sure to turn off your circuit breaker. Then, get a circuit tester and put it in the outlet to ensure it has no electricity. If it lights up, it is an indication that it still has electricity. If it doesn’t light up, it means that it is dead, and you are good to go!

Usually, two holds hold the outlet together. Unscrew them to take off the outlet using a screwdriver. Now that it is loose, carefully slide it out. Be mindful that it would be attached to a few wires, so it may feel tight to pull out. Now grab the outlet you want to replace it with.

They are easily available in the market, so just head out to a nearby hardware store, and you’d find one quickly. Now, unscrew the wires one by one from the burnt outlet and screw them into your new outlet to the exact same screw location.

Fixing the outlet
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Hook all the wires in their corresponding areas. To secure the wire around the screw, pliers come in handy. Tighten all the screws with a screwdriver to keep the wire in place.

Once you are done with the wiring, tuck the wires back into the box and place the outlet where it is supposed to be. Now take the same screws and place one at the top of the outlet where you see its slot. Before attaching the faceplate, make sure that its angle is right.

After tightening the screws, you can attach the faceplate and turn on the circuit breaker.

  1. Relay

Relay is an electrical component that’s responsible for powering the compressor. The relay is integrated into the plastic box and has motor terminals and an overload protector – this box is connected to the compressor.

Automatic temperature sensor for freezers. Thermal relay.
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Due to a number of reasons, it can burn and resultantly stop working. So, if your Idylis deep freezer stops working, it’s time to check out the relay and ensure it’s not burned. It can be easily tested with the help of a multimeter.

In case you see some signs of burning, replace the relay and see whether it fixes the problem or not. To test the relay of your Idylis deep freezer, take it off the freezer first. For your convenience, a diagram is made on most relays.

A relay contains four terminals, two of which are thicker, whereas the other two are thinner. Usually, a number is allotted to all terminals, and the diagram is labeled with these numbers. So, refer to this diagram to test the relay easily.

The power is transferred to the coil via terminals. When the relay is burnt, it usually means that the coil is burnt. Now, see the diagram and attach the multimeter wires to the terminals. The multimeter will show a reading as soon as you attach the wires.

Repairman Checking Fridge With Digital Multimeter
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A normal coil shows a reading between 40 ohms to 120 ohms. So, if the reading on your multimeter is less than or exceeds this range, know that the relay needs to be replaced.

  1. Compressor

It’s no secret that the compressor is a major component in a freezer and plays a key role in the freezer’s performance. This is because the compressor powers the cooling system of the deep freezer, and when the freezer stops working, the compressor needs to be checked.

The compressor is placed at the freezer’s back and is located in the plastic housing with a sphere shape. If you can hear the clicking sound of humming, the compressor is broken, and it needs to be changed.

You can get the compressor replacement free of charge if you have recently purchased the deep freezer. However, make sure that the compressor is replaced by a professional.

While a professional will install it properly, a rookie electrician may mess it up, causing permanent damage to your freezer. To test the compressor of your Idylis deep freezer yourself, unplug the freezer and take off its back panel from its back.

Refrigerator repair. Freezer compartment back panel removed
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You’d see a plastic box held by a screw and a metal clamp or plastic clips on one side of the compressor. Release the metal clamps or plastic clips using a screwdriver and wiggle out the rest of the cover. Take off the plastic box and relay gently.

It may take some time, but it will come off eventually. Now get a multimeter and switch its standard to ohm (if it’s not already). Now, place both leads on the copper pipe of the compressor and move them around a bit.

If you see reading while moving leads, it indicates that your multimeter is working fine. Now attach the leads on the pins coming out of your compressor. If the multimeter doesn’t show any reading, it means that your compressor is worn out and needs to be changed.

  1. Thermostat

Close up hand of refrigerator`s temperature adjustment
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A faulty thermostat is another reason why your deep freezer isn’t working. The thermostat is designed to regulate the temperature of the freezer. For testing the thermostat, you need to remove the access panel (you can use the screwdriver to remove the thermostat).

While removing the thermostat, make sure you don’t disconnect the tubs. The thermostat can be checked with a multimeter, and if it doesn’t have any continuity, you can simply replace the thermostat.

For replacing the thermostat, you need to remove the tube and attach the new one. All in all, consider seeking help from a professional electrician if you don’t have enough knowledge.

deep freezer with bottles and foods
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If these troubleshooting methods don’t work out, the only option is to call the manufacturer’s customer support. Also, if you have a warranty, that would be even better since you may end up getting a free repair or replacement.

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