Idylis Deep Freezer Stopped Working (4 Helpful Solutions)

idylis deep freezer stopped working
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idylis deep freezer stopped working

Idylis deep freezers are popular among households because they are designed with high-end freezing and promising features that promise top-notch cooling. However, just like other electronic appliances, Idylis deeper freezer stopped working is a common issue and we are sharing the result-oriented troubleshooting methods with you!

Idylis Deep Freezer Stopped Working

1. The Electricity Connection

When the deep freezer just stops working, the first thing is checking the electricity connection. You need to check the outlet where the freezer is plugged into. It is suggested to plug out the freezer and check it by plugging some lamps into the outlet. If the lamp switches on, there is something wrong with the freezer and you need to call up the electrician. On the other hand, if the lamp doesn’t switch on, the plug is not working and it needs to be fixed. For the most part, you must call the electrician to fix up the electrical outlet, and in the meantime, you can plug the freezer in a different outlet.

2. Relay

Relay is an electrical component that’s responsible for powering the compressor. The relay is integrated into the plastic box and has motor terminals and an overload protector – this box is connected to the compressor. However, when the deep freezer stops working, it’s time to check out the relay and ensure it’s not burned. It can be easily tested with the help of a multimeter. In case you see some signs of burning, replace the relay and try using the freezer.

3. Compressor

The compressor is important to check the freezer’s performance. This is because the compressor powers the cooling system of the deep freezer, and when the freezer stops working, the compressor needs to be checked. The compressor is placed at the freezer’s back and is located in the plastic housing and has a sphere shape. If you can heat the clicking sound of humming, the compressor is broken and it needs to be changed. If you have recently purchased the deep freezer, you can get the compressor replacement free of charge. However, make sure that the compressor is replaced by a professional because it’s a sensitive matter.

4. Thermostat

Another reason why your deep freezer isn’t working could be the thermostat. The thermostat is designed to regulate the temperature of the freezer. For testing the thermostat, you need to remove the access panel (you can use the screwdriver for removing the thermostat). While removing the thermostat, make sure you don’t disconnect the tubs because it can ruin the entire unit. The thermostat can be checked with a multimeter, and if it doesn’t have any continuity, you can simply replace the thermostat. For replacing the thermostat, you need to remove the tube and attach the new one.

To conclude, these are the only possible solutions to the deep freezer not working. On the other hand, if these troubleshooting methods don’t work out, the only option is to call the manufacturer’s customer support. Also, if you have a warranty, that would be even better since you might get free repair or replacement.

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