How to Thicken Beans in a Pressure Cooker 

How to Thicken Beans in a Pressure Cooker 
How to Thicken Beans in a Pressure Cooker

How to Thicken Beans in a Pressure Cooker 

If you have been suffering from watery and runny beans and can’t figure out how to get them thick and yummy, this is the place to look. We know exactly what to do the make sure that your beans are thick and have no run to them at all. In fact, they will be the perfect consistency for any meal.

Beans can be temperamental and fussy. They can be hard to work with and make perfect; often they are either too thick or too runny, neither of which is ideal. If you add too much water, your beans will slide all over your plate. However, if you don’t add enough, they will be so thick that they are almost like a stew.

To help you, we have collected some of the best tips for thickening your beams perfectly.  Below are some of the top tips to make sure that your beans are perfect and ready to eat:

  • Start with Stock: Always start with the stock or recommended amount of water. Don’t go under or over, do exactly as the instructions say. As the beans cook, you may need to add a little bit of broth or water here and there, but don’t do it from the start.
  • Let the Beans Simmer: Make sure that you let the beans simmer on very low pressure in the pressure cooker. They should not be boiling by any means. Instead, let them simmer so that they will get nice, creamy, and thick. Cooking them too fast can result in them being runny or even dry in some cases.
  • Mash-Up the Beans: If you have done the above two steps and you still have runny beans, one of the methods you can use is mashing up some of your beans. Just take out a cup or two of the cooked beans, mash them up, then stir them into the beans. This will add thickness and texture to your beans.
  • Use Cornstarch: If nothing else works, you can resort to cornstarch. Simply mix a couple of tablespoons of cornstarch to around a cup of cool water, mix it together, then add it to your beans. However, make sure to remove the beans first, let them cool, then add in the cornstarch mixture. Keep in mind that cornstarch can get quite clumpy, so make sure to mix them in well so that you avoid any clumps or lumps.


Overall, while beans may seem impossible to work with and hard to handle, there are some easy tips and tricks to follow to make your beans the perfect consistency. More often than not, your beans will either become too thick or too runny.

However, there are some great ways to make sure that your beans are thick but not too thick. You will not have to deal with watery beans or bean stew any longer. If none of the tricks above work, try to adjust the amount of water you put in. Either way, enjoy your beans!

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