How to Sweat Eggplant Without Salt – 4 Great Options

how to sweat eggplant without salt
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how to sweat eggplant without salt

Eggplants are delicious when cooked properly, and salting is actually a very common technique. Salting is a famous technique for removing excess water from the eggplants. In addition, some people believe that it helps reduce the bitter flavors. However, many people don’t like using salt, and they ask, “how to sweat eggplant without salt?”. With this post, we are sharing different options with you.

How to Sweat Eggplant Without Salt

When it comes down to salting, it’s all about slicing the eggplant, sprinkling some salt, and letting it sit for over an hour. After this time, the eggplant slices are rinsed with cool water to remove excess salt and then move on with the recipe. So, what can you do about it?

1. Using The Microwave Oven

The first method is using the microwave. With the microwave method, you need to put the eggplant slices in the microwave oven and pre-cook the slices. It will help take out excess water from the eggplant without adding salt, and it takes away the waiting time that you’ve to invest for it to sweat out. However, when you put the eggplant slices in the microwave oven, you need to add multiple paper towels to the plate and put the slices on top. You can cook the slices for over five minutes, and you are done taking out excessive water. It’s actually a great way of quick dehydrating.

2. Using The Oven

If you don’t want to use the microwave oven, you can use the other oven for the same function. There are people who have tried grilling the eggplants to remove water, but they haven’t had a proper outcome. So, with the oven, you need to cut thicker slices of eggplant in a longer length. Once the eggplants are cut into thicker slices, you need to roast them in the oven. However, for this purpose, you need to season the eggplant with pepper and olive oil.

3. Cooking The Eggplant Twice

If you tend to salt the eggplant to take away the bitter flavor, cooking it twice is a reliable choice. It’s very common for people to salt the eggplant to remove the bitter notes, but to cook them twice will do the same job. However, when you have to cook them twice, make sure that the heating temperature is less, so you don’t end burning the eggplants.

For cooking the eggplant twice, you need to slice the eggplants in a thin form and saute them lightly. Once sautéed, you can drain them with a paper towel, and bake them again. To add the flavor, you can also layer them with sauce.

4. Use A Different Eggplant

You might not know this, but there are different varieties of eggplants out there; some are bitterer while some have slightly less bitterness. Having said that, the eggplants were bitterer in the plant, but the modern eggplants are bred to be less bitter. Some of the less bitter varieties include smaller and younger Italian eggplants or Japanese eggplants. These varieties are easily available in the grocery store, so purchase them if you want to avoid salting!

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