How To Replace Kenmore Coldspot Model 106 Water Filter?

how to replace kenmore coldspot model 106 water filter
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how to replace kenmore coldspot model 106 water filter

Refrigerators are important, but they are equally expensive. For this reason, it is important to keep the refrigerator clean and well-maintained. One way of doing so is replacing the water filter from time to time. So, if you don’t know how to replace the Kenmore Coldspot model 106 water filter, we are sharing the instructions with you.

How To Replace Kenmore Coldspot Model 106 Water Filter?

First of all, you have to purchase the water filter according to the refrigerator model. In your case, you have to purchase the water filter for Coldspot model 106 because only those filters will work. These filters can be easily purchased from the appliance stores or online, and the price ranges from $25 to $30. Now that you have the water filter, let’s have a look at the instructions;

Locating The Filter Compartment

When it comes down to locating the filter compartment, it depends on the type of fridge. Since Kenmore Coldspot model 106 is the French door refrigerator, you need to check the door and identify the lowest shelf/compartment. If you are unable to locate the filter compartment, just use the user manual or look for a small dial around the drawers. When you locate the compartment, push or pull the button to open the compartment, and you will be able to see the filter.

Taking Out The Old Filter

Now that you can see the old water filter, you have to twist it in the anti-clockwise direction, and the filter will be loosened up. When it is loosened up, pull it out to take it out. On the other hand, if you aren’t able to twist the filter, try to pull it out in a straight direction. When the filter is out, simply dump it in the bin or add it to the recycling can. However, when the filter is out, don’t forget to place a hand towel under the filter because it will drip water.

Adding New Filter

Now, you have to take out the new water filter and look for the cap. When you find the cap, pull it off, and you will see the port. This port is used for connecting the water filter to the Kenmore refrigerator. In addition, there are chances that your water filter will have foil covering, so don’t forget to remove that before installing the filter in the refrigerator.

Install the new filter into the filter compartment, and you must keep it horizontal. A horizontal position will ensure that filter lines with the refrigerator’s threading for screwing. Once it’s lined, turn the filter in a clockwise direction to make sure the filter stays in place. When the filter is properly attached, you can close down the compartment, and it will be sealed in place. On the other hand, if you are having a hard time screwing the filter in, push its port into the filter’s end.


When the new filter is properly installed, press the filter reset button located near the water dispenser. You will need to press this button for three to five seconds, and it will comply with the new water filter.

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