3 Approaches To Remove Burn Stains From Microwave

how to remove burn stains from microwave
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How To Remove Burn Stains From Microwave

Spillage in the microwave is not uncommon. It’s caused by putting too much food in the dish, overheating something, or failing to cover the food as it heats, resulting in splatters that become burnt onto the inner walls of the oven.

These food residues and stains not only cause your microwave to look dirty and messy on the inside, but they will also cause foul odors in your kitchen and are a hygiene problem.

These stains can become permanent due to the heat, and if not dealt with swiftly it can become pretty hard to get rid of them.

Yet, there are a few things that you can try out to ensure that you can remove the burnt stains from the oven without too much effort.

Your reward will be a shiny, clean appliance that you will enjoy using again and won’t be embarrassed to open in front of visitors. Also, your kitchen will be free of those burnt odors.

How To Remove Burn Stains From Microwave

1. Soap and Water

Ordinary dishwashing soap and hot water are usually all you need for stains that are new and haven’t become burnt on yet. This is the best time to clean them off as it will save you a lot of effort later.

Simply half-fill a bowl with hot water and a tablespoonful of liquid dish soap. Remove the turntable and accessories from the microwave and ensure the power plug is out before you begin. Using a cloth or kitchen sponge, rub inside the oven.

If the stains aren’t coming off, cover them with the liquid and leave them to soak for ten minutes. Come back and try again. The burn stains should have loosened. Once you have finished cleaning, refill the bowl with clean water and rinse the oven, using a cloth.

With all these steps, be careful not to overwet the inside of the oven. Never pour water inside either. Simply use your damp cloth or sponge to do the job.

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If all this fails to loosen the stains, put your bowl of soap and water into the oven and cook it on high for a few minutes until it is boiling. This will create steam in the oven which may help to loosen the burn stains.

Allow the bowl to stand in the oven with the door closed until it has cooled, then use the sponge to try to wipe the burn stains off again.

2. Baking Soda

For stains that might have become a bit hard and are not going away with the soap and water mixture, you will need to have more of an advanced approach.

Baking soda is wonderful for this purpose because it is mildly abrasive without scratching, is alkaline so removes stains easily, and absorbs odors.

All you will need to do is get a kitchen sponge or cleaning cloth and then dampen it with hot water. Sprinkle a bit of baking soda onto the cloth and then use the cleaning cloth to rub that baking soda directly on the burn stains inside your microwave.

Leave it to soak for a while before rubbing it again in the same way. Once you’re happy with the results, wipe down the inside of the oven with a damp cloth and plain water only. Once you’re done, leave the microwave door open for a while to allow it to dry.

3. Acetone

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Some marks are more stubborn than others. These are caused by food that actually gets burnt inside the microwave. In these cases, soap and baking powder will probably be ineffective.

Purchase some acetone from a grocery store or pharmacy. Nail polish remover will work too as it is made with acetone.

Soak a cotton ball or corner of a soft rag in the acetone and then immediately rub it onto the burn marks inside your microwave. Acetone evaporates easily so you’ll have to work fast.

After you’ve cleaned the burn marks with acetone cleaner, you will need to clean the entire microwave with warm water and dish detergent as well because you don’t want your food to be contaminated with any of the strong-smelling residues from the acetone.

Finally, rinse with clean water and leave the door open to let the oven dry.

How to Prevent Burn Stains

Now that your microwave is all sparkly clean, we are sure you don’t want it getting any more burnt on food stains. Here’s how to prevent them:

  • Cover the food

For greasy food like bacon or sausages, drape a piece of paper towel over the top before heating the food. This will absorb the oily splatters. Dampen the paper to help it stay in place. Alternatively, use an upside-down paper plate.

You can also cover the food with microwave-safe plastic wrap or wax paper but be careful not to let it touch the food. Another option is to purchase a plastic dome specifically made for covering plates or bowls of food in the microwave.

  • Clean your oven regularly

Setting up a cleaning schedule will prevent spilled or splattered food from becoming a burn stain in your microwave oven.

  • Keep an eye on the time

Microwaving is often faster than you think. It is very easy to burn food. Rather set the program for less time than you think you’ll need and add more later.


We hope one of our 3 approaches will help you to get your microwave back to a pristine state. Let us know how it goes for you.

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