How To Get Charcoal Flavor On A Gas Grill? (3 Easy Tricks)

how to get charcoal flavor on a gas grill
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how to get charcoal flavor on a gas grill

Grilling and BBQ is certainly something loved and enjoyed by the most, and not only it gets you the freedom to enjoy a great time with your friends and family around the grill, but you will also be enjoying most out of it since the charcoal flavor and smoke is something that you going to love and it is certainly the best thing for you. However, there are times that you might feel like having the same charcoal flavor and smoked ribs, but all you have is a gas grill. If you are wondering how you can add some flavor as the charcoal grilled on a gas grill, here are a few things that you will need to know about:

How to Get Charcoal Flavor On a Gas Grill

1. Keep it Covered

The best thing that you can have on a gas grill is to keep it covered. While on the charcoal grill, you cannot have any cover since it reduces the heat and airflow must be maintained for the charcoal grill to be working efficiently, it is another way around for the Gas Grill and you will need to ensure that you are always keeping that in mind. So, if you are keeping the gas grill well covered, that will be increasing the heat on your grill and the meat you are grilling on it is more likely to have the charcoal-like flavor.

2. Expose to Flames

At times, you might crave that burnt crisp that you get on the outer parts of charcoal-grilled meat, let it be chicken or beef that you are trying to grill on a gas grill. So, you will need to ensure that you are increasing the gas and letting the flames pop out as well so they can touch the meat a bit.

You will need to be slightly careful as you wouldn’t want to burn the whole piece, but let just the tip of flame touch the grill a bit and you can keep the meat rotating as well. That should be enough to help you out and you will be able to make it work pretty great for getting the same burnt sides and charcoal-like flavor on the meat that you are grilling.

3. Smoker Box

Yet, the taste of smoke cannot be replicated on the meat even after trying all these things and you must take a more advanced and better approach that will be helping you out just perfectly. So, you will need to make sure that you are getting a smoker box that uses wood chips and adds great flavor and then places it on the grill.

Once you place the wood chips on the grill directly, they will be burning out and producing some smoke for you. That would be just the perfect thing for you to enjoy the same smoky flavor as you might find on the charcoal grill and that will certainly enhance the grilling experience on your gas grill will be great as not only it will be convenient but is going to taste better as well.

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