6 Methods To Counteract a Burnt, Smoky Flavor

How To Counteract Smoky Flavor?
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How To Counteract Smoky Flavor?

So, you just left the cooking pan to simmer and had a quick power nap, only wake up to burned food. Some people might be able to compromise and tolerate the smoky taste and smell, but not everyone is the same.

The smoky flavor can be troublesome for foodies and others with a more refined sense of taste. So, in this article, we have provided you with some tips on how to counteract a smoky flavor.

Have a look and perhaps you can save that pot of scorched food…

How To Counteract Smoky Flavor?

1. Play with Psychology

mac and cheese
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Well, this trick won’t work with everyone, but it’s worth giving it a shot. You can simply rename the dish, embracing its smoky character.

For instance, instead of “mac and cheese” serve it up as “smoky mac and cheese with a paprika topping”. Hopefully, nobody will ask for the recipe!

2. Changing the Pot

changing the pot
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The first tip when dealing with burnt food is never to scrape the bottom of the pot. Transfer as much of it as you can into a clean dish, leaving behind the burnt-on parts at the bottom.

Also, open all the doors and windows and air the room so that nobody can smell the smoke. Put on a pot of coffee or your essential oil diffuser to mask the smell.

3. Attend to the Food Itself

roast meat
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If you’re dealing with a roast piece of meat or something with big pieces, use a sharp knife to cut off the burnt parts of the food.

4. Potatoes to The Rescue

Potatoes to The Rescue
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Now to deal with the smoky taste. If there aren’t already potatoes in the dish, now would be a good time to add some.

Potatoes have amazing “absorbing” qualities. (Bonus tip – they’re great at removing excess salt in a dish) Potatoes tend to absorb the excess smell and flavor, which is just the thing that you’ve been looking for.

In this case, you’ll need to peel some raw potatoes, cut them into chunks and add them to the pan of burnt food. You may need to add some more liquid such as stock to the dish.

Boil the dish gently until the potatoes are soft and then remove them. Don’t try to eat these potatoes as part of the dish because they will contain that smoky flavor you were trying to get away from.

5. Adding More Acidic Ingredients

Adding More Acidic Ingredients
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With this trick, you will be using some additional acid-based ingredients to cover up the burnt smell. Usually, vinegar will do the trick, but you can also use cider, red wine, or white wine.

Remember not to overdo it – just a tablespoon is enough. A chopped tomato might help too. Pick the ingredient that is most appropriate for your dish.

6. Milk, Cream, or Bread

add milk
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If nothing else is working out for you, adding milk or cream to the food will tone down the unwanted smoky flavor.

For burnt rice, first, rinse it well in fresh cold water. Then put a slice of bread on top for 10 to 20 minutes while you steam it in freshwater. This will absorb the smell, leaving behind a fresher flavor and aroma.

We hope these hacks help you to save your burnt food. Let us know if they work for you or if you know of any more. Good luck!

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