How To Fix Undercooked Pasta? (Answered)

how to fix undercooked pasta
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how to fix undercooked pasta

The pasta was first recognized in Italy, but the history shows it dates to ancient times. It is a convenient dish that is full of nutrition. Yes, you read it right. Pasta can be useful for health when eaten in moderate quantities. Wholegrain pasta is far better for health than the refined ones. The primary reason is that refined pasta has less fiber and more calories; this will leave you hungry even after eating your share. Making pasta is considered an easy job. However, experts can mess up things as well. You can end up leaving your pasta slightly overcooked or undercooked. There is no coming back from overcooked pasta, but we can tell you the tips on how to fix undercooked pasta.

Al dente:

The term al dente means the pasta that is a little firm. It is not fully cooked. The pasta should be a little firm after boiling as it would cook more when mixed with the sauce. Cooking the pasta thoroughly while boiling will end in an overcooked pasta. Let the pasta simmer in the sauce, so it becomes al dente.

How To fix Undercooked Pasta?

Undercooked pasta is hard to chew and eventually can cause swallowing difficulty. It is a real problem but can be fixed. If you haven’t added the sauce yet, your undercooked pasta can likely become perfect. The real test is when you have added the sauce. So, here are the tips you can use to cook pasta to perfection.

1. Use a large pot for boiling:

It is often a neglected part. If the pot is smaller, then the pasta on the upper side would be left uncovered and will not boil properly. Make it your number one priority to use an appropriate size of the pot.

2. Add salt:

Adding some salt in the boiling water is necessary. Pasta does not become salty; it only prevents the pasta from becoming slimy. The salt causes aggressive forces and causes the pasta to stay a little rough. Another benefit of adding salt is giving pasta its flavor and maintaining the necessary texture.

3. Boiling time:

There is no standard time for boiling the pasta. Cooking pasta to perfection comes from experience and looking at the state of pasta. Suppose you took out your pasta undercooked, you can reboil it. Take care of time to prevent it from overcooking.

4. Cook in the sauce:

Do not worry if you have added the sauce to your undercooked pasta. The best way to fix pasta now is to cook it in the sauce. Add some water or the sauce will burn. Believe it or not, this makes the pasta more tasty and delicious. 

5. Use the salty water:

If you have kept the salty water from boiling, use it to fix your pasta. Add it with a little amount of butter and mix the whole pasta. This process helps in cooking pasta to the perfect texture.

There is no science behind cooking pasta. Nevertheless, undercooked or overcooked pasta can ruin the dish. If you have messed up big time, use our tips to fix your undercooked pasta. Bon appétit! 

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