How to Clean Smoked Neck Bones? (Great Tips For You)

how to clean smoked neck bones
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how to clean smoked neck bones

While pork is eaten all over the world, one has to be careful. Pork can carry various dangerous germs like Salmonella, Campylobacter, Trichinella spiralis, Listeria, and Toxoplasmosis.

While it is important to clean smoked pork neck bones before cooking them, one should not use running water to do so. (The same applies when washing raw poultry.)

This is because the water, along with any germs on the pork, might splash onto surrounding work surfaces and food.

Why Smoked Neck Bones Are Worth the Effort

Pork neck bones are real soul food. They’re a traditional Southern-style dish that originated with the slaves.

Today, they are usually bought smoked then can be cooked long and slow until the meat just falls away from the bone. The meat is often paired with collard greens, rice, or cornbread.

There is not a lot of meat on smoked pork neck bones but there is a whole lot of flavor if you prepare them right. They are an inexpensive treat and are so useful for adding extra taste to soups, stocks, beans, rice, or even bone broth.

How to Clean Smoked Pork Neck Bones Thoroughly

1. Remove the bones from their packaging and place them in a large basin or sink of cold water. This will remove any blood and juices that may have accumulated after the meat was packaged.

2. Discard the water and repeat the rinsing process with clean, cold water. Remember not to wash the bones under a running tap but rather use a jug to refill the basin.

3. Next, we do an additional rinse in an acid bath. This removes any remaining germs or debris. Simply fill your basin again with cold water and add the juice of a lemon or half a cup of vinegar. Any type of vinegar will do.

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4. The meat can now be drained and dried on kitchen paper or a clean dishcloth.

5. The pork neck bones are now ready to be trimmed. Use a sharp kitchen knife to remove any extra fat or sinews that look inedible. Don’t remove all the fat though – leave some for flavor and richness.

6. As a final cleaning step before cooking, scald the meat by putting it into a basin of boiling water for five minutes. This will deal with any remaining bacteria and tenderize the meat.

7. Dry the smoked neck bones again. They are now clean and ready for cooking.

How to Cook Your Cleaned Smoked Neck Bones

  1. Season the bones according to the recipe.
  2. Put a big, heavy pot (preferably cast iron) over medium heat and add a few tablespoons of cooking oil.
  3. When the oil is hot, add the neck bones and sear them on all sides. Remove them and set them aside.
  4. Using the same pot and oil, saute onions, carrots, or whatever your recipe calls for.
  5. Put the bones back into the pot along with enough stock or water to cover them. Bring this to a boil.
  6. Cover with a lid, turn the heat down low and leave the bones to simmer until the meat is falling off them. This usually takes three to four hours. Keep an eye on the liquid in the pot and top it up if necessary.
  7. Remove the meat from the bones and discard the bones. Serve the meat as a main course stew-style with rice or potatoes and Southern vegetables or use it to flavor spaghetti, rice dishes, beans, soups or more.

Pork neck piece
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To Conclude

We hope you enjoy your finished dish made with cleaned smoked pork neck bones. The meat is not only delicious but also a source of high-quality protein, B vitamins, zinc, potassium, and other minerals.

The bones don’t yield a huge amount of meat but they do pack a great flavor punch. Preparing the bones properly certainly takes a little more time and trouble than more expensive cuts of meat but your efforts will be richly rewarded.

Let us know how your dish turns out!

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