How Much Water Is Needed in Pressure Canner?

how much water in pressure canner
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how much water in pressure canner

A pressure canner is one of the best tool that has ever invented for kitchen use. It allows you to heat up food in jars without taking them out. A pressure canner is capable of heating food hotter than the boiling water. A pressure canner reduces so much of the workload.

If it’s for commercial purposes, it can be one of the best things you can have in your restaurant’s kitchen. Pressure canner helps you to process low acid food. But, what confuses most people is how much water you need to put in a pressure canner. 

How Much Water in Pressure Canner?

Why is it essential to put the exact amount of water

A pressure canner is available in different sizes and quality. Sometimes, it gets harder for you to decide the exact amount of water that you need to put in a pressure canner for heating up your can in a perfect manner. Mostly pressure canner does not require as much water as you need to put in pressure cookers for cooking food. Still, you need to know about putting the perfect amount of water that you need to put.

If you compromise on deciding the amount of water that is needed to put in a pressure canner. Then it will not only ruin your food, but it will also destroy your pressure canner much earlier. So, to process food, ideally, you need to learn about putting an accurate amount of water in your pressure canner.

The Perfect Amount of Water in Pressure Canner

The first thing that you need to do before putting water in your pressure canner is that you are required to put a layer of old canning rings inside your pressure canner. After this, you need to place a canning rack ( a flat piece of metal ) above those old canning rings. This canning rack will allow you to create extra space for water in your pressure canner.

Moreover, you can also place another layer of rings and then a canning rack to create some more space. Because for some food, more water is required inside the pressure canner. Make sure that your canning rack has some holes that will allow the water to rise. 

The most imperative thing is to put the exact amount of water. If you are an absolute beginner, measure the layers of rings and rack and put almost three to four inches of water inside the pressure canner. That is something near to the water amount that is needed in a pressure canner. 

Furthermore, keep in mind that the water must be halfway up to the size of the jars that you are putting in. Because in a steam-pressure canner, steam reaches the pressure of 240o. If you put more water, it will ruin your food, and less water will not be enough to process your food correctly.

Halfway up, the jar is the perfect amount of water used in most of the pressure canner.

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