4 Best Herbsaint Substitutes (Alternatives To Herbsaint)

herbsaint substitutes
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herbsaint substitutes

Herbsaint liqueur is the creation of J.N. Legendre in the year 1934. He was good at making absinthe. The knowledge of making absinthe came during his stay in France in the 1st world war. Herbsaint was a unique liqueur at that time since it was a replacement for absinthe.

Initially, Joseph named it Legendre absinthe. However, he soon realized that it was illegal following the ban of original absinthe. Herbsaint was its new name and later it was sold to the Sazerac company in 1948.

The liqueur has a strong anise flavor and a green-amber color. The strong taste and crisp finishing make herbsaint a choice for cocktails. You can see through a glass of herbsaint. If you add water to it, the liquid turns cloudy.

It contains 45% alcohol as opposed to 60% back when herbsaint was launched. Another important point is that the liqueur does not contain wormwood. Although the liqueur tastes like absinthe, it could never replace the original anise flavor. Thus, it’s not easy to replicate Herbsaint or absinthe flavor.

If you can’t find herbsaint or want to try something else, you can buy choose from the following list of herbsaint substitutes.

Herbsaint Substitutes

1) Pernod

It is a French liqueur. The liquid has an anise flavor just like herbsaint. Pernod Ricard was the same company who made absinthe. Today’s it is one of the biggest giants in the wine and spirit industry. The major motto of the company is to reduce harmful drinking habits.

Pernod has a licorice-like flavor adding its taste to almost anything. You would be surprised to know that the liqueur has a strong connection with seafood. Its usage is in oysters Rockefeller and a traditional fish stew known as bouillabaisse. Pernod is part of creamy sauces eaten with fish.

Pernod is a pastis and does not have wormwood similar to herbsaint. It has a mild, subtle flavor. Thus, it does not overwhelm the overall taste of a cocktail.

Furthermore, it is an affordable option and has low volatility.

Thus, Pernod can prove to be a great herbsaint substitute.

2) Pastis

France is a powerful source of different types of liqueur. Pastis is just another famous liquid. The same company manages both Pastis and Pernod. It has an alcohol content equal to herbsaint i.e., 40%. Some states consider this ratio high. So, it might be illegal where you live. Always check the rules and regulations before trying it.

When the liqueur becomes part of cooking, the alcohol content decreases. It gives seafood a distinct taste like you generally would not encounter. During cooking, alcohol usually evaporates.

The pastis is distilled with star anise and many aromatic herbs. Then, the manufacturer adds sugar to gives the liqueur its unique taste.

What people like about pastis is the mild taste, unlike some anise-flavored drinks.

3) White Wine

It may come as a surprise to you that we included this on our list. However, it is important in French cuisine because of its mild and sweet flavor.

White wine is versatile, and its usage is versatile. You can use it in a number of dishes like seafood, pasta, and even some desserts. It depends on you whether you choose strong white wine or a mild one.

Thus, you can substitute it for herbsaint because of its versatility and mild, dry taste.

4) Lemon Juice

We have a non-alcoholic substitute for herbsaint. Lemon juice is rich in nutrients like Vitamin C. You can use it in drinks, savory dishes, and desserts both. Lemon juice can substitute almost any liqueur.

You will not achieve the anise flavor but will get a nice sweet and sour taste. We believe it to be an awesome substitute since it is cheaper and healthier.

Thus, we can conclude that Herbsaint came into the market as an alternative to absinthe. This green-colored and anise-taste liqueur is very famous among drinkers. However, there might be some problems that you can’t get your hands on it, so you could try out other options.

Pernod is the best substitute. Whereas other options like white wine and pastis can give you the right balance. If you want a healthier option, lemon juice is your bet. Thus, substitute the one that goes with the recipe.

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