Governor’s Chicken vs General Tso: What’s The Difference?

governor's chicken vs general tso
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governor’s chicken vs general tso

Chinese and Taiwanese dishes are an important part of the culture of their respective countries. Both kinds of dishes represent their traditions, history, culture, and their ancestors with their sense of style and taste.

These dishes are unique and different in taste from one another. Each dish has its history and importance. Governer’s chicken and General Tso are also one of these dishes and have unique tastes and cooking styles. But many food lovers often get confused when comparing the two mouthwatering dishes. 

Thus, this article will provide our users with a comparison between Governor’s chicken and General Tso.

Governor’s Chicken Vs General Tso

Governor’s Chicken

Governor’s Chicken is a Taiwanese dish that originated during the late 1800s to 1900s. It is a lump of white meat chopped into pieces and deep-fried to make it juicy, tender, and crispier. It is less greasy but still provides the customers with an explosion of wonderful taste, crisp and crunch. It is not only delicious but also has a sweet taste to it. This is because the key ingredient for this dish is sugar.

Main Ingredient

It is sweet even though it also includes a variety of spices in it such as pepper, salt, garlic, ginger, onion, all in form of powder. It also has dried red chilies, some Chinese peppercorn, vinegar, white wine, soy sauce, chili powder, and beaten eggs mixed with the chicken for marination. After marination, the chicken pieces are fried in sesame oil.


It is mainly served when hot along with some nuts such as cashew nuts and some spring onions on top of it for dressing purposes. But many people also like to eat Governer’s chicken when it’s cold. It is also be served with fried rice, a source, and some side dishes in many places.

General Tso

General Tso is a Chinese dish that originated during the same timeline as the Governor’s chicken that is during the late 1800s to 1900s. Unlike the Governor’s chicken, it is a dish based on dark meat. It is also deep-fried and coated in a sauce like the Governer’s dish, but the taste of the sauce is a deadly combination of sweet and savory and different from the sauce of the Governer’s chicken. The key ingredient of this dish is soy sauce.

Main Ingredient

The General’s Tso is a combination of sweet, savory, spice, and tangy. It does not require many spices for the marination of the chicken. It mainly includes garlic clove, some red chili, salt, and pepper for spices along with soy sauce as a prime ingredient. Corn flour can also be added to the marination mixture to make the dish crispier and crunchier.


General Tso is only served When it is hot along with some fried vegetables such as broccoli and sometimes a few mints leave to uplift the taste even more and a source. It is also consumed with fried rice and a few side dishes as the kimchi.


The difference between Governor’s chicken and General Tso is

  1. The former dish is a Taiwan dish and the latter is a Chinese dish that is mostly eaten in northern China.
  2. The Governor’s chicken is less greasy as compared to General Tso.
  3. The prime ingredient of the two dishes is different which is sugar for Governor’s chicken and soy sauce for General Tso.
  4. The Governor’s chicken has a sweeter taste to it while General Tso is spicier and savorier.
  5. General Tso is less crispy, crunchier, and tender as compared to the Taiwanese dish.
  6. The Governor’s chicken can be served when it is hot or cold, but General Tso is only served when it is hot.
  7. The Governor’s chicken is served with cashew nuts and the sauce while General Tso is served with fried vegetables such as


We hope that you find this article helpful. The bottom line is that both dishes have different ways of marination and cooking which make their taste completely different from one another. Both dishes have their place for their customers. Both the dishes come with a different sense of representation and style. They are unique and represent their culture and history very well. They do good to their origin and ancestors.

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