3 Reasons Why GE Microwave Is Not Heating

ge microwave not heating
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ge microwave not heating

GE microwaves are one of the best microwaves available in the market. The company provides you with different types of microwaves. They come with different features and various preset programs for your ease. However, there can be a lot of reason that has been causing your GE microwave to not heat.

Below we have listed a few reasons and troubleshooting ways for your microwave not heating the food even after starting or turning it on.

Reasons For GE Microwave Not Heating

1. High-Voltage Diode

One of the most common reasons for your microwave to not start heating the food is a burnt High Voltage diode. To check your high voltage diode you must apply a few steps.

  1.  First of all, you must unplug your GE microwave before you start inspecting your high voltage diode.
  2. Now locate your high voltage diode to remove it from that position.
  3. You can only access your high voltage diode, once you discharge the high voltage capacitor
  4. Once you have taken out your high voltage diode you must check or test it for continuity.
  5. Now to check your high voltage diode you must set your multimeter to Rx1.
  6. Now you must touch the probes to the terminals and then reverse the probes so that you can check the continuity of your high voltage diode in either direction.
  7. For Properly working High Voltage diodes the readings must be showing continuity in one direction and not in the other.
  8. However, if your high voltage diode is showing continuity in both directions then you immediately need to replace it so that your GE microwave can start heating again.

2. Door Switch

One of the most common and understandable reasons for your microwave turning on but not heating up is a broken door switch. The door switch is present in your GE microwave to Signals and other components of the microwave for supplying the power only when the door is closed.

However, the other component is not allowed to supply power when the door is not closed or open. To determine if your door switch is working properly you must perform these steps.

  1. First of all, you must disconnect your microwave from the power supply to prevent any hazards.
  2. Now you must check that your microwave door hooks touch the door switch physically. If they are touching mechanically, then you must remove your GE microwave cover and find out the door switch to remove it and test for continuity.
  3. Again, you must use a multimeter and set it to rx1.
  4. Perform the same procedure with the help of probes and check the readings for continuity.
  5. If the readings are continuous in both directions then you must replace your door switch immediately so that your GE microwave starts heating as soon as possible.

3. Magnetron

Another cause of your microwave not heating up properly is broken or burnt Magnetron. The magnetron is the major part that is responsible to heat the food inside your microwave.

In case your Magnetron is broken, it can cause another fuse of your GE microwave to blow, resulting in your microwave to produce heat. Here are a few easy steps that you can perform to check your Magnetron.

  1. Before you start with anything, you must disconnect your microwave from the power source to prevent any hazards.
  2. Now you must locate the Magnetron in your microwave by removing the cabinet of your GE microwave.
  3. Now once you have found out the Magnetron you will need to remove it. However, you will first have to discharge the high voltage capacitor.
  4. Remove the Magnetron to check if there are any other issues or not.
  5.  Through the help of a multimeter on rx1, you can check the terminals.
  6. You must place the probes on either terminal and check the readings.
  7. You must make sure that the reading of your Magnetron indicates continuity in one direction.
  8. If your Magnetron does not support the reading above, then you must replace it immediately to let your microwave heat again.

Hopefully, this blog helped you in resolving your problem related to the GE microwave not heating up.

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