5 Ways To Fix GE Electric Oven Keeps Shutting Off

ge electric oven keeps shutting off
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ge electric oven keeps shutting off

Imagine cooking your delicious meal after weeks, and the GE Electric oven keeps shutting off, isn’t that a bummer? This is a really frustrating issue, but it doesn’t mean it’s some permanent issue that cannot be resolved. With this article, we are sharing different methods that will help fix the automatic shut-off. So, let’s get into details!

How to Fix GE Electric Oven Keeps Shutting Off?

1. Thermostat

First of all, you have to check the thermostat because it’s one of the most common reasons for the oven shutting off. The thermostat ensures that the oven doesn’t get too hot. In the case of GE Electric ovens, there are chances that it has more than one thermostat. However, if the thermostat fails, the oven will keep heating up, and when it’s too heated up, the oven will shut off automatically. For this reason, you need to check the thermostat’s functionality and replace it. When the thermostat starts working optimally, it will easily manage the oven’s temperature.

2. Ventilation

If the thermostat is already working fine, but the GE Electric oven won’t stop shutting off, it could be a ventilation issue. It’s a common myth that if you are using an electric oven, it doesn’t need to be ventilated because there is no “gas.” However, every oven needs proper ventilation because a blocked or restricted airflow will cause the oven’s overheat, resulting in the shut-off. So, before you spend money on getting the oven repaired or purchasing a new thermostat, move your oven to provide proper ventilation and see if it resolves the issue.

3. Heating Element

When it comes down to the heating elements of GE Electric oven, it includes a broiler and baker. When any of these components stop working, the oven will start shutting off. In the majority of cases, it is caused by torn-out wiring and leakage. In this case, it is ideal to hire a technician because he will be able to check things in detail and fix the core issue. Generally, he will replace the oven’s faulty heating element or fix the wiring. So, get a repair!

4. Electrical Issues

The electrical issues can happen in different forms and can result in the oven’s shutting off. If you are using an advanced model, it might show the error code, so it will be easier to determine the prime fault. Anyhow, if your oven doesn’t show the error code, it will be challenging to identify the problem. So, it is suggested to call an electric technician, and he will inspect the entire unit to outline the real issue and fix it.

5. Component Failure

This is the last reason behind the oven shutting off. For instance, when an internal component of the GE Electric oven is damaged. In most cases, the switch and timer are damaged, which results in the shutting off issue. For this reason, you should check these internal components and have a technician handle the repair/replacement for you.

To summarize, it’s needless to say that GE Electric ovens are designed with advanced features and promise optimal cooking. So, if it starts shutting off, you can also get assistance from GE Electric customer support.

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