GE Spectra Oven Element Caught Fire: What To Do?

ge spectra oven element caught fire
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ge spectra oven element caught fire

Whenever someone sees a fire rising up, the ultimate reflex is to throw water on it to get rid of the fire. However, this solution doesn’t apply to kitchen wires because there are multiple electrical components and grease involved.

That being said, these factors have a chance of worsening the fire. To illustrate, water can conduct electricity or power which leads to the formation of splatter and steam by burning grease. As a result, the fire will spread even more. So, if your GE Spectra oven element caught fire, you might be wondering what to do. With this article, we are sharing the information!

GE Spectra Oven Element Caught Fire

Whenever the oven element of the GE Spectra oven catches fire, the first option should be using the fire extinguisher. However, the generic or conventional fire extinguishers don’t work because such fire needs K-rated or B-rated fire extinguishers for grease fires. On the other hand, if the fire is caused by electrical components, you should opt for a C-rated fire extinguisher. When you go shopping for fire extinguishers, you will see these ratings for convenient shopping.

Fire Extinguishers

The majority of big box stores and hardware stores will have fire extinguishers available, irrespective of the rating. However, before you buy the fire extinguisher, you must check the label because it has the rating printed on it.

We have already mentioned that different fire extinguishers are needed for putting out the fire caused by a specific reason. That being said, you should opt for an ABC fire extinguisher because it’s suitable for putting out all types of fire, irrespective of the cause.

On the other, if you have a commercial kitchen, you can opt for a K-rated fire extinguisher because it’s suitable for vegetable oil and animal oil fires. Once you’ve set out the fire, keep in mind that these fire extinguishers need regular maintenance, such as pressure checks and recharging.

As far as using the fire extinguisher is concerned, if it’s properly maintained, you can just pull the pin and eject the gas for eliminating the fire. Once it’s used, make sure that the fire extinguisher is properly recharged.

Oven Door

In case you don’t already have the fire extinguisher, you obviously cannot let the fire spread. So, when the oven element is on fire, the fire can be put out by just closing the GE Spectra oven’s door. This is because closing the door will eliminate the oxygen supply and fire will go out quicker.

Some people also sprinkle baking soda within the oven (it’s much better for removing the electrical fire). Also, the baking soda might put out the fire but spark will still be there. For that reason, you should switch off the backend breaker and get the oven replaced.

The Bottom Line

When you have set out the fire on the GE Spectra oven element, you will need to replace the element because it’s obviously damaged. In addition, it could be short and can cause a fire again. For this reason, you should always replace the element after putting out the fire.

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