Can You Put Frozen Fries On Blackstone?

frozen fries on blackstone
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frozen fries on blackstone

Blackstone griddles are naturally the best that you can get, in terms of all those cool features, better looks, aesthetics, and utility on it. They can be used for all the different applications one might be having including cooking, grilling, roasting, barbecuing, and more.

If you are looking to cook some frozen fries on it, there are a few things that you will need to be careful about it:

Frozen Fries On Blackstone

Is It Possible?

The first question that you might need to look out for the answer to has to do with the possibility. It is entirely possible for you to be cooking the frozen fries on a Blackstone griddle. There is not much that you will have to do either, and simply following the right method will be enabling you to use the Blackstone griddle for cooking those French fries on it.

How To Do It?

Next, you will need to know what you have to do in order to cook those frozen fries on a Blackstone griddle. It is pretty simple and doesn’t take much effort or expertise either. You just need to ensure that you are preheating the griddle just a little bit to make it work properly and that your oil is not let cold on the griddle.

Once the griddle is preheated, you can add some oil to it. The oil needs to be in moderate quantity for the fries to be soaking up, and it will also ensure the right moisture on the frozen fries. The oil is also critically important to ensure that you don’t end up with your fries sticking to the surface of your griddle either.

Once you have spread the oil over the griddle surface properly. Give some time for the oil to be heated up as well. After the oil starts to heat up, you can put frozen fries on the griddle altogether. The fries will start to cook on their own.

Just make sure that you are moving the fries around with a spoon, or a tong for them to be evenly cooked from all sides. This will also help you in avoid any burning possibilities on these fries at the same time.

Once you feel the fries have softened up, and their edges start to turn golden, you can stop cooking them and that will be allowing you to enjoy an overall seamless experience with these fries.

Things To Add

If you simply want to cook plain frozen fries, a bit of oil should do the job for you. However, a sprinkle of salt, pepper, or some other condiments that you might like on your fries. That will be enabling you to have the right experience, along with the taste and texture on it.

However, adding some condiments or any other ingredient while you are trying to cook fries on a griddle is totally up to your taste preference and choice, and nothing except the oil is needed for them to be cooked properly.

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