4 Reasons Why Frigidaire Refrigerator Ice Maker Only Makes Crushed Ice

frigidaire refrigerator ice maker only makes crushed ice
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frigidaire refrigerator ice maker only makes crushed ice

Frigidaire refrigerator is not only great to keep all your food items at an optimal temperature but it gives an overall great kitchen experience since you don’t have to worry about any needs and there are almost all the features that one might want from their refrigerator present on these Frigidaire refrigerators. Speaking of all that, you need to understand that you also get an ice maker compartment in the Frigidaire refrigerators that are below the overall temperature of the refrigerator and are used to freeze the water to ice. It works flawlessly, but at times can cause you certain inconveniences like it only makes crushed ice and not whole ice cubes as you might want to have.

There are a few things that you can check upon to make it work for you, and such things that you will need to be careful about are:

How to Fix Frigidaire Refrigerator Ice Maker Only Makes Crushed Ice?

1. Close the Compartment Perfectly

Most of the time this problem is caused due to leaving the door latch loosely locked and that will be causing you to face such troubles. There is not much that you will need to be worried about or do in such instances and all you will need to be careful about is closing the door latch perfectly. That will ensure you get the best possible experience since the loose compartment door will cause an increase in the temperature inside the freezing compartment and as a result, it will not be able to freeze the ice as it should have.

So, close the compartment perfectly and if you find that there might be some loose locks or the rubber seals might look worn out to you, you will need to get them replaced in order to get rid of the problem, and afterward you will be able to get perfectly solid ice cubes from the ice compartment on your refrigerator.

2. The Metal Arm

There is a metal arm in Frigidaire refrigerators that are used to hold the ice bucked in its place and it should be moving freely. At times it can be frozen due to ice being stuck on the metal arm and that is something that can cause you certain problems including getting the crushed ice out of your ice dispenser or ice compartment.

In order to get the problem fixed, you will need to take out the bucked gently and check for the movement of this metal arm. You will certainly need to ensure that the arm is moving freely and without any problems and if there is some ice stuck on it you will need to clean it off. After that, you can replace the ice bucket and that should be enough to get rid of the problem for you.

3. Give it Some Time

It certainly takes a bit of time for the refrigerator to freeze perfect ice cubes and you cannot expect it to be dispensing perfectly frozen ice cubes right after you have put some water into the ice compartment. It should take somewhere between 1-2 hours after you have filled the compartment with water for the ice cubes to be perfectly frozen solid and it would be great if you wait all that time.

If you try to get the ice cubes before an hour, you are most likely to face the issues such as getting crushed ice cubes that you wouldn’t want. Just be a bit patient and that should do the trick for you without causing you any sort of issues or problems at all.

4. Call Support

If the arm moves freely, and you have waited a couple of hours as well before trying anything else and you still feel like the refrigerator might not be cooling properly and you are still getting crushed ice out of it, you will need to call the support department and share the model of Frigidaire refrigerator that you have with them. The support team will be able to help you out through the instructions and they can also send someone to your place to take a look into your refrigerator so they can optimally diagnose and fix any problem that might be causing you to face this issue and that should be enough to get you perfectly solid and frozen ice cubes if fixed properly.

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