7 Easy Steps To Resolve Too High Flame On Frigidaire Oven

Frigidaire Oven Flame Too High
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Frigidaire Oven Flame Too High

One of your most important tasks as a chef in a busy restaurant or hotel, or even as a homemaker, is meal planning and preparation. It is why Frigidaire offers its value-for-money energy-efficient ovens and other home appliances—to help cooks prepare menus with confidence.

The American home appliance company has been around for a century already, providing customers with kitchen appliances that make cooking and baking easier.

And what can one expect from the company when something goes wrong? What needs to be done when your gas oven’s flames are too high, and perhaps even the wrong color?

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Frigidaire has excellently skilled, well trained technicians who can help when any of your appliances won’t work the way they should.

If you do see high flames on your Frigidaire oven, find the source of the flames so that you can troubleshoot the most likely problem. If nothing is working out, call a Frigidaire technician.

Flame too high on one side

Oven's flame
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If one side of your burner has a flame that is too high, it could well be an improperly positioned burner cap. You may have taken the cap off to clean your stove, and this can lead to a misaligned burner cap. The cap is then raised, resulting in uneven flames.

Simply turn off the burner, let it cool, and realign the burner cap. It must be firmly on the burner and also level. Reposition it until it is the perfect fit.

Have you changed the gas?

You might need to also change the gas. Knowing which fuel you use for your gas oven can help to diagnose the condition. Perhaps you have a new gas cooktop installed and the flames are way too high. Most of these gas ranges are set for natural gas.

If the oven flames are too high, it could mean the oven was improperly converted from natural gas to LP (liquid propane). Natural gas has a lower transmission pressure than liquid propane.

Bunch of LPG gas cylinders for kitchen cooking
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If you connect a natural gas appliance to a higher pressure LP piping system and you don’t convert the appliance by installing LP orifices, everything just goes wrong. The appliance malfunctions.

  • Make sure the orifices are the correct size

The reason for this malfunctioning is that the orifices for natural gas are larger than those for liquid propane. These orifices dispenses fuel into the burner tube through a small hole.

The higher pressure gas flowing through the bigger natural gas orifice results in more gas flowing through the burner and a bigger flame. A gas technician will be able to see if the orifices installed are the correct ones.

If the oven was converted from natural gas to LP gas, get hold of the installer to convert the range. LP comes at a higher pressure, and your gas stove needs to be converted to use it because, if it’s not converted, the high pressure makes the flames too high.

Blue flames of a gas burner inside of a boiler
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You can, however, adjust how strong the flames are, but it will be best to consult your owner’s manual to learn how to make the adjustment.

  • Burner slots can become clogged

Also, burner slots can become clogged, and then you will need to remove the burners and clean them. Before you do this, take a look at your owner’s manual for instructions on how to clean the burners the right way.

Frigidaire Oven Flame Too High

The propane burner on your Frigidaire gas range determines the size of the flame. So if the flame is too high, you can adjust the burner’s size by configuring the burner’s steam valve too high, you can adjust the burner’s size by configuring the burner’s steam valve.

Once adjusted, the burner will produce a smaller flame based on the new setting. So let’s take a look at the 7 steps to follow to get this flame size right. A good idea, as suggested, to have your Frigidaire oven manual open just as an additional guide.

Female hand turn on gas stove
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  1. Pull the surface burner knob off. This is so you can get to the burner adjuster.
  2. Have you got a screwdriver with you? This is a tool you will need to adjust the flame setting.
  3. Probe around with your screwdriver, as you want to be sure that it’s properly positioned into the slot of the screw’s head.
  4. Turn the screwdriver anticlockwise (the opponsite direction in which a clock’s hands move). This will increase the size of the burner.
  5. Remove your screwdriver and place the surface control knob back onto the range.
  6. Next is to turn the knob to ‘Lite’ on the range to actually light the burner and to look at the flame’s size.
  7. Turn the knob in a clockwise motion to turn off the burner.

Gas is becoming the norm – get the flame right

Many people, because of the global energy crisis, use gas stoves as an alternative to electric stoves, but what happens when that gas flame is too high? The gas flame should be blue-ish and even distributed on your gas burner. A flame that is too high could be indicative of a problem.

Steel gas stove and blue gas fire flame
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However, the high flame can be modified rather than having it repaired. So how does one adjust a too-high flame on your Frigidaire oven?

Certainly, if the flame is too high, it can actually damage your cooktop so you need to look at steps to resolve the issue of flames that are too high on your Frigidaire oven.

All gas stoves look the same at first glance, but beneath the exteriors there are technological differences that will affect your cooking pleasure.

Frigidaire can be very helpful in making sure that if you have any problems with the gas stove, you can sort it out with them so you get the best gas oven for your money.

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