Freezer Burn Shrimp: Is It Still Safe To Eat?

freezer burn shrimp
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freezer burn shrimp

How do you treat your freezer burn food? Would you still like to eat your freezer burn shrimp or would you rather simply dump it in the trashbin? Well, how about we share with you some secret tips and tricks that can make your freezer burn shrimp much more delicious and edible. Read on to learn more about how to change your freezer burn food into edible meal items.

What Does It Mean By Freezer Burn?

Freezer burn is a term used generally to describe the food that somehow changes it’s a usual condition when put inside the freezer for a long time. Like you might have observed that meat or chicken when frozen for a long period, changes its color. Similarly, when you put your shrimps in the freezer for too long, they become freezer burn shrimps whose color becomes even darker red. It appears like a deep red or sometimes even brown.

Does this color change mean your freezer burn shrimps are stale? Can you still eat them or should you rather get rid of them at this moment? Well, you should first find out the cause of freezer burns. This color change occurs due to oxidation. Your food gets oxidized inside the freezer and it also gets dehydrated and condensation occurs inside it. All these chemical processes are responsible for your deep red freezer burn shrimps.

Is It Wrong To Freeze Shrimps?

Freezing is usually done to prevent food items from getting rot. Freezing raw shrimps is very effective in preventing them from getting stale as well as for maintaining its quality. But freezing them for longer than necessary can turn them into Freezer burn shrimps which might not look good.

Besides the color change, things you might see in your freezer burn shrimps include ice crystals. These are formed by condensation of those water drops that are present in your food. These crystals are formed on the surface of food due to the extremely low temperatures inside the freezer. But other than that, frozen food also is very vulnerable and delicate. Cooking freezer burn shrimps can be very typical.

Usually, if you don’t wrap your shrimp properly in a nice packaging or some airtight container, it tends to become freezer burn quicker than you can imagine. Fluctuating temperature changes can also reduce the shelf life of your freezer burn shrimp.

How To Handle Freezer Burn Shrimps

If you are struggling with the idea that you have ruined your dear shrimps by storing them in the freezer for too long and now they are freezer burnt, just know that all is not lost. You can still eat your freezer burnt shrimps. Although, it will taste a bit different from the usuals as it has now lost its color, texture as well as some of its flavors over time.

The thing you should pay most attention to is its odor and texture. If your shrimp doesn’t have any dark spot over its surface, it means you can still cook. But if you’re noticing any kind of dark spots or any type of pungent smell of chlorine or ammonia coming from it, then eating such freezer burnt shrimp is probably not a good idea. You should definitely discard them as they might cause food poisoning at this stage.

Tips For Cooking Freezer Burnt Shrimp

If you’re planning to cook freezer burn shrimps as they still ae in good shape, you should definitely try cooking them using a few cooking hacks. These include using a variety of ingredients so that you can enhance the flavor of your shrimp dish and make it more delicious as compared to the usual bad taste.

You can try using the all-time-favorite fish chowder recipe to cook your freezer burnt shrimps. This will impact the stale taste and your dis would taste ten times better. You can also make a shrimp paste that can be used to prepare ground pork. Another recipe that you can try is shrimp fried rice. Or you can also try marinating the shrimps with soy sauce, garlic, red pepper, and oil. Then, simply steam them with bay or prepare the shrimp scampi recipe.


Basically, having Freezer burn shrimps is not the end. You can still try out a number of recipes if your shrimps are not that stale to cause any harm.

freezer burn shrimp
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