4 Common Emeril Everyday Pressure Cooker Problems (Troubleshooting)

emeril everyday pressure cooker problems
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emeril everyday pressure cooker problems

Pressure cookers have now become an integral part of our kitchens. They make our cooking experience much easier and worthwhile. There are lots of features of modern pressure cookers. All these features together provide value to your money and investment. When it comes to versatile and exceptionally function commercial and home-based pressure cookers, the Emeril Everyday crosses the mind. These pressure cookers have special features and is fully equipped with float valves, inner lid, and pressure release values.

If they don’t work well, then your pressure cooker might as well stop cooking delicious foods. There are several factors for the Emeril pressure cookers to show persistent problems such as a damaged gasket, steam leakage, stuck vent pipe, jammed lids, and many more. Luckily, they can be solved if you know how to handle them. In this article, we will walk you through Emeril Everyday pressure cooker problems to figure out their solutions easily. Read on.

Emeril Everyday Pressure Cooker Problems

Just like every other cooking appliance, Emeril Everyday pressure cooker also sometimes show some problems despite how good this advanced cooker is. Cooking problems such as uneven cooking, under-cooked food, and no steam, etc. are some of the most common issues you might have already faced. Although, you don’t have to contact an electrician as you may solve them on your own.

Here are some common Emeril Everyday pressure cooker problems:

Problem 1: Under-Functioning Pressure Values

When the pressure built inside the pot isn’t enough, the food fails to be evenly cooked. With time, pressure valves usually keep losing their elasticity and effectiveness. Due to that, your pressure cooker fails to accumulate adequate pressure. Make sure to have your pressure cooker’s gasket checked thoroughly, it might be damaged or worn out with time.

Problem 2: Food Takes Too Much Time To Cook

Food taking too much time be cooked is another issue many Emeril Everyday pressure cooker users face. There are several causes of this problem.

  • You have added too much ingredients in the pot, and your cooker is overwhelming.
  • Direct frozen food into the cooker.
  • Extra thick liquids elongating the cooking time.
  • The handle is loose.
  • Too much water in the cooker. It is true that you have to add a sufficient amount of water to have your food cooked evenly but TOO MUCH of water delays the expected time.

To have this problem under control, have your lid checked if it is sitting tightly on the cooker, and empty your cooker a little so the food is cooked within the expected time.

Problem 3: The Pressure Cooker Lid Is Jammed

Another common Emeril Everyday pressure cooker problem is the jammed lid. When the lid gets jammed, it gets too hard to come off the cooker. Even after the pressure cooker is turned off. This problem arises due to the high-pressure build-up inside the pot, which is holding the lid strongly and isn’t letting it move.

In order to have this jammed lid issue resolved, open the pressure valves and release the pressure (after turning off the cooker). Let the cooker cool down. You may also pour warm water over the lid so it loosens up and the lid becomes moveable.

Problem 4: Pressure Cooker Leaking Steam

Steam leakage is the biggest setback when it comes to pressure cooking your favorite food. The pressure cooker pot needs a sufficient amount of steam and pressure to give you an evenly cooked meal and the steam continuously leaving the pot disrupts your whole cooking scene. When the steam leaks, the pressure hardly builds up inside the pot. You have to pay attention to this issue.

You have to thoroughly inspect the gasket. Here are few things you may do:

  • Ensure that the gasket is tightly fixed.
  • Gasket’s rim shouldn’t have any cracks or stains. If you see any, have it replaced.
  • Wash the gasket thoroughly in cold water and install it back tightly. You may want to the user manual for installing back the gasket.


Emeril Everyday pressure cooker is a high-end kitchen appliance that saves up a lot of your time into giving you freshly cooked foods. However, above mentioned are the solutions of  Emeril Everyday pressure cooker problems, you need to know.

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