5 Common Electrolux Oven Problems (Troubleshooting)

electrolux oven problems
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electrolux oven problems

The Electrolux ovens are widely popular in the UK and they are primarily famous for the ovens. However, if you have been having Electrolux oven problems but are unable to determine the root cause. For this purpose, we are sharing the common issues as well as the potential solutions. So, let’s check out the details!

Electrolux Oven Problems

1) Unable To Heat Up

It’s useless to have an oven if it won’t heat up or cook your food. To be honest, there are various reasons behind this problem but we are sharing the root causes and fixes!

Oven Burner

First of all, the oven won’t heat up if the oven burner has been damaged or broken. Generally, the oven burner wears out with time since it heats up too much. That being said, when the oven burner is broken, the oven will be unable to produce heat. To your benefit, you can simply replace the oven burner rather than replacing the entire oven.

Door Seal

When the door seal of your Electrolux oven is damaged, broken, or loose, the heat will keep escaping and your oven won’t heat up. When the door seal is damaged, the door won’t close and the heat won’t be retained. For this reason, you must get a new door seal installed on the oven frame. It is better to hire an oven technician for replacing the seal because it must be installed correctly.

2) Hob Not Heating

When the Electrolux oven is concerned and there are heating issues with the hob, it might be incurring due to mechanical issues in the hob. Keep in mind that when the hob is not heating up, the rings around the hob won’t turn red. To fix this issue, you must install a new cooker ring and make sure that you buy from the reputed store.

3) Uneven Heat Distribution

If the oven is giving off uneven heat distribution, it might not be happening due to the cooker ring. This is because the uneven heat distribution might be caused by hob plate issues. For instance, if one side of the hob is heating up better than the other side, it causes uneven heating. So, replace the hob plate and make sure that it’s heating up across all sides.

4) Overheating

Every recipe is different and so is their temperature requirement. So, if your oven starts heating when the recipe demands low temperature, it’s nothing less than a disaster. It generally happens when the thermostat of the oven is damaged or completely broken. The thermostat is responsible for regulating the temperature.

The overheating issue can be fixed by replacing the thermostat. While you are buying the thermostat, try buying from the official Electrolux oven. Moreover, ensure that the oven technician installs the thermostat properly (please don’t try installing the thermostat on your own).

5) Oven Not Starting Up

Power Supply

If the Electrolux oven is not starting up, you need to check the power supply because it’s the most possible reason behind the powering issue. There are two aspects related to the power supply. Firstly, you must check the power cable and ensure that it’s intact. There must be no damages and fading on the cable because it disrupts the signals.

It doesn’t matter how much damages are on the cable; you must replace them to ensure the power signals are properly transmitted. In addition, ensure that the power cables are properly connected to the power socket and at the back of the oven. On the contrary, if the cable is working fine, you must check the power socket.

You can use your multimeter for checking the continuity of the power socket. If you identify the continuity issues with the power socket, you have to connect your Electrolux oven to a new power socket (the power socket that’s working properly).

Door Switch

If the Electrolux oven is not switching on even after changing the power cable or power socket, it’s suggested to check the door switch. The door switch is responsible for controlling the light in the oven and it signals the oven about door closure. In the majority of cases, the door switch might be locked which doesn’t give off a signal about the door’s closing.

In that case, you’ve to change the door switch because it might be faulty or damaged. You have to fix the door switch to ensure the oven starts up. The best option is to call the Electrolux customer support because the customer service representative will be able to provide technical help.

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