Domino’s Bread Bowl Pasta Discontinued (Discussion)

domino's bowl pasta discontinued
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domino’s bowl pasta discontinued

Domino’s certainly isn’t a brand that many people need an introduction to. It’s easily one of the most popular franchises when it comes to food. It was founded back in 1960. It’s obvious that it wasn’t always as popular as it is today, but after lots of different changes and evolutions, it’s become one of the most famous options of them all.

Domino’s is now a known name all around the world, with there being thousands upon thousands of franchises for the brand all across the globe in nearly any country that one could think of.

While they might be known for their pizza, there are lots of other foods sold by the popular franchise as well. One of the most loved products from the brand is exactly what we’ll be discussing today. This refers to the bread bowl pasta.

The meal is something that many might be familiar with. But rather than talking directly about it, we’ll be discussing the Domino’s bread bowl paste being discontinued. If you were a fan of the popular dish exclusive to Domino’s and are wondering why it suddenly disappeared and when this happened, continue reading below to find out more regarding the matter.

Domino’s Bread Bowl Pasta Being Discontinued

Well over a decade ago, in 2009, Domino’s announced what was back then the newest and most daring addition to their product range. This refers to their new pasta range, or specifically what it was served in.

While there was an option for customers to order it inside of a tin, Domino’s announced back then that there will also be an option to order this new pasta range of theirs inside of a bread bowl. This combination is one that was loved by many almost immediately.

The name of bread bowls speaks for itself, but for those that aren’t completely familiar with them, these are little bowls that are made out of bread itself. They are completely edible and greatly add to the taste of whatever is put inside of them, especially the paste that’s offered by Domino’s.

As already mentioned, the combination was a great one. While it wasn’t available in Domino’s all around the world, it was still featured in most franchises of the brand and became one of the most popular products they had to offer.

This remained the case for many years to come. It was a great snack to have which worked excellently for most people because of the simplicity. However, Domino’s announced something unexpected back in the earlier months of 2017. This was news regarding the bread bowl pasta, and specifically how Domino’s will begin discontinuing it from here on out. After a few months or so, the bread bowl pasta was nearly erased from the brand’s menu.

Why Was It Discontinued?

What was the most surprising thing of all was the fact that there’s not really any clear answer for why this product was ever discontinued by Domino’s, even now. It was always one of the more popular things on their menu and was a favorite for many. But out of nowhere, the band announced that they’ll no longer be selling it. There were some speculations regarding why this happened.

Some think that this is because of the bread bowl pasta being a little difficult to prepare perfectly, requiring a lot of precision and skill to make perfectly. The same people speculate that this effort wasn’t worth it, leading Domino’s to discontinue it.

Others think that it was just a way for them to open the door to newer products instead. There are many reasons that could come to mind, and not a lot of them make complete sense when you get down to think about it. It’s been years now since the product was taken off their menu, and people are still asking for the exact reason why.

Can You Get Domino’s Bread Bowl Pasta Anywhere?

Unfortunately, it isn’t possible at all to get the dish from any Domino’s now. It is possible to make something similar at home or to find another brand that might sell something similar. But, as for the bread bowl pasta offered by Domino’s specifically, it seems as if it’s gone forever and won’t be coming back any time soon.

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