Does Cod Taste Fishy? (Answered)

does cod taste fishy
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does cod taste fishy

Cod is the common name of the demersal fish. Its length varies from 77 cm to 200 cm depending on their species. Codfish are found in the Atlantic, Pacific, and Greenland regions. It has more or less 100 species available, and most of them are edible.

With so many available codfish species, people have various questions in their mind while buying cod. One of the regularly asked questions is that does cod tastes fishy. If no, then why sometimes cod tastes fishy. If you also have such queries, then reading this article will help you to understand everything about the taste of cod.

How Does Cod Taste Like?

Cod may be one of those fishes that are preferred in most of the parts of this world. Cod is white and very lean fish. The taste of codfish is mild and slightly sweet, and this fish has a delicate flakey texture. Suppose you think that weather cod fish taste fishy or not. So, precisely speaking, codfish never tastes fishy. If your codfish tastes fishy, it is not a codfish or is not fresh enough to cook.

Why Does Cod Taste Fishy?

Most of the time, people complain about their codfish tasting fishy. Various reasons may cause your codfish to taste fishy. Below we are mentioning some of the most common reasons why your codfish is tasting fishy.

  1. The Fish is not Fresh

One of the most common and most experienced reasons why cod fish taste fishy is that it is not fresh. Most of the time, the shopkeeper puts the fish in ice for many days to keep the fish in good condition, but it can never stop the fish from being stale.

  1. The Fish is Frozen 

Not all frozen codfish taste fishy, but it would inevitably taste fishy if the codfish were frozen for the long term. Keep in mind the newly frozen codfish will never taste fishy so, if your fish tastes fishy, then the fish was frozen a long age.

How to Make your Fish Tasty Less Fishy 

There are various ways that professionals use to make their fish taste less fishy. First thing first, you need to wash the codfish with cold water. If you do not want to wash your fish in cold water, then soak your codfish for 20 minutes in milk. Milk has a special bacteria that will soak TMA from your fish that is your fish’s cause to taste fishy. 

Along with it, you can also pour some lemon on your fish. The citric acid will help your codfish to taste less fishy.


In the article, we have provided you detailed knowledge of whether a codfish taste fishy or not. Moreover, we have also elaborated on some factors responsible for your codfish to taste fishy. If you still need some information related to codfish, let us know in the comment section. We will try the best possible to help you resolve your issues.

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