Do You Cover Meat With Liquid In A Pressure Cooker?

do you cover meat with liquid in pressure cooker
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do you cover meat with liquid in pressure cooker


Using a pressure cooker is not for everyone. But, those who know how to use it perfectly can rule the kitchen with ease. You can cook everything in a pressure cooker, whether meat, vegetables, or any other edible thing.

But, while using a pressure cooker, several questions may roam in your mind. One of those questions that we will be answering today is whether you cover the meat with liquid in a pressure cooker. So, if you are also one of those who need to know the proper answer to this question, then stay with us until the article end.

Do You Cover Meat With Liquid In Pressure Cooker?

Covering Meat with Liquid in the Pressure cooker

Covering meat in a pressure cooker entirely depends on your choice. It will depend on the type of meat that you want to have on your dining table. Some people prefer to cover the meat with liquid if they wish to braised meat, and some left the meat uncovered with liquid so that they can enjoy steamed meat.

Braised Meat

Braised meat is highly preferred in most of the part of this world. The braising process includes the browning of meat in a small amount of oil, and then you only need to cook in a tightly packed pressure cooker or instant pot.

 The meat in the pressure cooker will remain entirely covered with the liquid, and you need to make sure that the pressure cooker is tightly packed. Not doing so won’t only result in the ruining of your dish, but it can also be dangerous for you.

Steamed Meat

If you want to enjoy steamed meat, you do not need to cover the meat with liquid in your pressure cooker. For steaming the meat, you only need a pressure cooker small amount of water for creating steam in the pressure cooker and a stand to place your meat above the water level.

You only need to place the meat in the pressure cooker, add a small amount of water in it, and put the pressure cooker on the flame.

How to Cover Meat Properly in the Pressure cooker?

If you are going to cook braised meat, it must cover the meat with liquid. But the question arises that what should be the amount of fluid in the pressure cooker. So, the simple answer to this question is that the liquid needs to be above the meat, and secondly, the liquid must not be more than half of the pressure cooker.


If you need to know about covering meat with liquid in a pressure cooker, it is necessary to give this article a good read. We have provided all the details about covering or not covering the meat with liquid in a pressure cooker. You will find every single piece in this article. If you have any more queries of you did not get your answer through the article, let us know in the comment section. We will try to resolve your issue as soon as possible.

do you cover meat with liquid in pressure cooker
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