How To Fix Kitchen Tongs Spring? (3 Solutions)

How To Fix Kitchen Tongs Spring
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How To Fix Kitchen Tongs Spring

Proper functionality and smooth operations in the kitchen need proper equipment, and tongs are one of the most used kitchen tools out there. The kitchen tongs are widely used for draining the hot ingredients or picking them up. However, if you accidentally chose an ill-quality kitchen tong and it’s broken, you must be wondering how to fix the kitchen tongs spring. In the majority of cases, the tongs stop working properly because of the springs, but there are different solutions to try!

How To Fix Kitchen Tongs Spring?

1. Loose Springs

If the kitchen tongs are not working properly because the springs have loosened up, you don’t need to worry because the solution is pretty simple, and you will be done within a few minutes. For this purpose, you have to collect a cutting board, broken kitchen tong, hammer, and a clean piece of cloth. Once you have all these supplies, you need to follow the below-mentioned instructions;

  1. First of all, clean the hammer and wrap its head with the clean cloth
  2. Take out the cutting board and spread the clean cloth all over it
  3. Look for the kitchen tong’s rivet and place it on the cutting board
  4. Start hammering the rivet up to three times
  5. Take off the tong from the cutting and try using it again and see if the springs work

2. Rusty Tongs

In some cases, the kitchen tongs stop working when the springs are rusty. In addition to ineffective functionality, rusty springs also make the tongs dangerous to use. To fix the rusty issue, you need to gather white vinegar, water, a cooking pot, potholder, kitchen tong, clean cloth, and a cold water pitcher. Once you have the essential supplies, start following the steps mentioned below;

  1. Take out the clean put and pour one cup of water with a half cup of white vinegar
  2. Boil this mixture, and once it starts boiling, submerge the rusty spring part of the tongs
  3. Let it sit in for over fifteen minutes
  4. After that, use a cold water pitcher and put your kitchen tong in it
  5. Rinse it well with cold water and use a clean cloth for wiping it

You might have to repeat the process two or three times to make sure all the rust is gone. Having said that, once the rust is cleaned, you will be able to use the kitchen tongs again. In addition to the vinegar method, you can also use soda. If you want to go ahead with using soda, follow the steps as listed below;

  1. Clean up the pot and fill it with soda
  2. Submerge the kitchen tong’s rusty springs in the soda and let it sit there for over three hours
  3. After these three hours, you have to start scrubbing the rust
  4. After that, clean the tongs with cold water and use a clean cloth to wipe everything
  5. Use it again without any rust on the spring

3. Handling The Oxidation Issue

In case your kitchen tongs are made from metals, such as aluminum, there will be a higher chance of oxidation. For those who don’t know, oxidation is one of the most common issues, and if the springs have started showing the signs of oxidation, the solution is actually pretty straightforward, and it’s equally easy.

For this purpose, you must create a mixture by mixing one cup of water and ½ a cup of white vinegar and boiling it. You’ve to soak the oxidized tongs in the water and vinegar mixture. However, if there is too much oxidation, you can repeat the process to ensure the entire mess is properly cleared. You can also use extra vinegar to quicken up the process of melting away the mess. Before we sign off from the topic, always use pure white vinegar to ensure better and rapid performance.

The Bottom Line

Ever since the kitchen tongs came out, people have been able to protect themselves from hot oil splashes and boils. There is a wide variety of kitchen tongs available that serve different purposes, such as handling delicate and hot materials. However, spring is the most important part of these tongs, and if they stop working, the tong will be practically useless. So, just following the information mentioned above will help restore the spring’s functionality.

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