5 Common Danby Silhouette Wine Cooler Problems

Danby Silhouette Wine Cooler Problems
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Danby Silhouette Wine Cooler Problems

Danby Appliances has a wide range of wine coolers available and can store 17-50 bottles at once. The wine coolers have a temperature range of 43 degrees Fahrenheit to 57 degrees Fahrenheit.

In addition, they have stainless steel manufacturing with platinum doors for a sleek look. However, there are some problems associated with this wine cooler, and we are sharing them along with the solutions!

Danby Silhouette Wine Cooler Problems

  1. No Power

A wine cooler is important to keep the wines at optimal humidity and temperature levels as it helps maintain the flavor of the wines. However, if your wine cooler isn’t turning on, follow these solutions;

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  • Room Temperature

Room temperature is an important factor in keeping the wines chilled. That’s because if the wine cooler is placed in a room with a high temperature, it will overheat, which prevents the cooler from turning on.

For this purpose, you must put the wine cooler in a room with proper ventilation.

Wine cellar with wine bottles
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  • Circuit Breaker

A circuit breaker can trip when the wine cooler’s temperature exceeds the normal value to protect its components from permanent damage.

So, if the wine cooler isn’t turning on, you should check the circuit breaker and see if it has been tripped – the tripped circuit breaker can be turned on by hand.

  • Damaged Fan

A wine cooler is integrated with a fan that helps move out hot air. However, if the fan is broken or is clogged with dirt, the fan won’t operate, and the cooler won’t turn on. For this purpose, you’ve to inspect the fan and clear the clogging.

Once the clogging is cleared, try reusing the wine cooler. You can use a soft and clean cloth to remove the clogging.

Secondly, inspect the fan and see if it’s disconnected. If the connectors have been disconnected, you have to reconnect them and make sure the connectors aren’t damaged.

  • Power Cord

Inserting plug in outlet
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A wine cooler is an electronic appliance, and its power cord has to be connected to a functioning wall socket to make sure it receives the current.

In case the wine cooler isn’t turning on at all, you’ve to ensure that the power cord is inserted in a wall socket with no other appliances – it ensures a consistent flow of current. On the other hand, if the power cord is damaged, it should be replaced.

  1. The Internal Temperature Isn’t Cold

A wine cooler has to reach a specific temperature to make sure the wines are chilled properly. However, if the internal temperature isn’t cold enough, several problems could be at play.

  • Condenser Fan

A condenser fan is an important part of the wine cooler as it cools down the condenser as well as the coils. It turns on with the entire cooling system, which means a damaged condenser fan won’t be able to produce enough cooling.

The solution is to inspect the condenser fan and make sure it’s spinning freely. Usually, debris and dust can impact the spinning function.

A repairman removes the motor, blower and condenser fan
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So, use a cleaning liquid and cloth to clean the blades. However, if there is no clogging, it means that the condenser fan is broken and should be replaced.

  • Evaporator

An evaporator helps direct cold air into the wine cooler – it pulls air from coils and cools down the cooler’s interior. If the evaporator stops operating, the wine cooler won’t produce enough cold air, even if the compressor operates normally.

The solution is to locate the evaporator and see if there is some frostingif there is frosting, it’s recommended that you turn off the cooler for a few hours to make sure it melts.

Secondly, you have to inspect the evaporator fan blades to make sure they aren’t clogged. The clogging can be cleaned with a cloth, but the damaged or bent blades require a replacement.

  • Thermostat

Empty Wine fridge in a kitchen home rack
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A thermostat is responsible for supplying power to the compressor, evaporator, and condenser. It allows the users to adjust and control the wine cooler’s temperature.

If the thermostat stops working, the wine cooler won’t be able to cool down. For this reason, we recommend that you get the thermostat checked by an electrician and get it replaced.

  • Ventilation

Ventilation is important to prevent overheating of the cooler (an overheated unit can lead to cooling issues). Keep in mind that your wine cooler needs clearance from the surroundings, and if there is no clearance, the heat won’t be dissipated, causing cooling issues.

The solution is to put the wine cooler in place with sufficient ventilation.

  1. Condensation In The Door

The wine coolers are designed with glass doors for aesthetic value and allow users to keep an eye on the wine bottles. However, if there is condensation developing on the wine cooler’s door, it’s likely that you haven’t closed the door properly.

Storing bottles of wine in fridge
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That’s because when hot air from outside meets the cold air of the wine cooler through an open door, it produces condensation. So, check the door and make sure it’s properly closed. In case the door is not closed, we recommend that you check the gasket.

A gasket is a rubber grip on the door that ensures proper sealing of the door. So, when the gasket is damaged, the door won’t be properly closed, and the only solution is to install a new gasket.

  1. Wine Cooler Is Making Noise

The Danby wine cooler works quietly. However, if your unit starts making noise, you have to check for the following factors;

  • Level Of The Wine Cooler

An improperly leveled wine cooler is the most common reason behind the noise. To begin with, you’ve to ensure that the wine cooler has sufficient air circulation under or behind the wine cooler.

In addition to this, you have to adjust the wine cooler’s level by turning the adjustment feet under a cabinet. Furthermore, make sure that the wine cooler isn’t leaning against the wall too much as it produces more noise.

Cooling and preserving wine
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  • Silent Block

A silent block is a part of the compressor which absorbs the vibrations and shocks produced by mechanical parts. Danby wine cooler is designed with four rubber silent blocks, and if it’s making noise, it’s likely that the compressor has slipped off the rubber brackets.

As a result, the cooling fins will ring back on the cooler’s back. To fix this problem, you have to turn off the wine cooler, locate the compressor, and put it on the rubber brackets again. On the contrary, if rubber brackets are cracked, they must be replaced.

  • Loose Fan

A fan is an important part of the wine cooler as it helps prevent overheating and improves cooling in the wine cooler. In case the wine cooler is making a rattling sound, it’s likely that the fan is loose, and the only solution is to hire an electrician and get the fan tightened up.

Apart from tightening the fan, you should also put a piece of foam under the fan to absorb shocks and vibrations.

  1. Door Is Not Closing

A young woman is getting a bottle of white wine from her wine cooler at home
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The wine cooler’s door has to be tightly closed to ensure sufficient cooling and retention of cold air. In case the door is not closing, you have to ensure that the cooler is properly leveled – it shouldn’t lean back to the wall too much.

Secondly, you’ve to check the shelves because if they aren’t pushed all the way in, the door won’t be able to connect with the cooler’s seal. So, push in the shelves and make sure the wine bottle’s cap isn’t touching the door either.

Lastly, you will need to inspect the door gasket, as a bent or dirty gasket won’t be able to seal the door properly. A dirty gasket can be cleaned with dishwashing liquid, but the bent gasket has to be replaced.

Last but not least, you should take out the door swing and install it properly (it mustn’t be reversed).

The Bottom Line

Danby Silhouette wine cooler is loved for its durability and great performance. However, it is also susceptible to many problems. We have discussed all those problems in this article, along with their easy fixes.

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