3 Common Danby Silhouette Wine Cooler Problems

danby silhouette wine cooler problems
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danby silhouette wine cooler problems

Danby has coined its name in the electronic appliance industry and one of its best products is the wine cooler. In fact, the brand has a wide range of wine coolers available, ranging from six bottle capacity to 166 bottles capacity. In addition, the users can set the temperature, ranging from 43-degrees Fahrenheit to 57-degrees Fahrenheit, which means the wine coolers are fine for white wins and red wines. However, if you are thinking of investing in one, it’s important to know the Danby Silhouette wine cooler problems firsthand. So, let’s check out the common issues along with the solutions.

Danby Silhouette Wine Cooler Problems

1. Wine Cooler Not Switching On

No one wants to sip on warm wine, and when the wine cooler stops working, it can be pretty frustrating. So, if the wine cooler stops working, you need to follow the following solutions;

  • The first solution is checking the power outlet as well as the trip board. If you see some broken fuses, you might need to replace them as well. As far as the power outlet is concerned, make sure that it’s working properly and has proper current
  • The second solution is checking the power PCB. This is because the power PCB is known to regulate the wine cooler’s startup, and if that stops working, the wine cooler won’t switch on. So, dial up the electrician’s number and have the power PCB fixed

2. Wine Cooler Not Cooling Properly

If your wine cooler is switching on but it’s not cooling the wine as it’s supposed to, we are sharing the potential solutions;

  • First of all, you need to ensure that the wine cooler is getting proper ventilation. It generally happens when you place the wine cooler in some tight space where there is no airflow around. So, if that’s the case with you, pull the wine cooler forward and make sure the backside is getting enough ventilation
  • The second solution is checking the refrigerant. The wine coolers need to have a certain level of refrigerant to ensure it cools the wine, and if it’s below a certain level, the cooling will be impacted. So, it’s suggested to call the professional and have him/her regas the wine cooler
  • The third solution is checking the seal. This is because the seal ensures that the cold air is trapped inside the wine cooler and cools the wine. For this reason, make sure that the wine cooler’s seal is properly installed and no cold air is leaking out. In addition to replacing the broken seal, make sure that you don’t open the wine cooler’s door too often

3. Wine Cooler Switches Of & On Often

If your wine cooler is unable to operate properly and keeps switching off and on, it will directly influence the cooling outcomes. So, to fix this issue, you have to follow the below-mentioned solutions;

  • The first solution is ensuring proper ventilation. This is because the ventilation has dust buildup, it will shut down due to overheating and switch on once it’s cooled down
  • The second solution is checking the ambient temperature and making sure it’s not too high. This is because high temperature leads to automatic shutoff, so keep it moderate or as suggested by the manufacturer

These are some common issues associated with the wine cooler, so best of luck!

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