4 Ways To Fix Cuisinart Pressure Cooker Timer Not Working

cuisinart pressure cooker timer not working
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cuisinart pressure cooker timer not working

For every homemaker out there who is on a tight schedule and cannot monitor the food the entire day, pressure cookers have become a blessing for them. That’s because the pressure cookers promise quick cooking.

These pressure cookers are designed with timers, so you can put food in and let the timer stop once the food is cooked (according to your time estimate). However, if the Cuisinart pressure cooker timer not working, we have outlined the troubleshooting methods for you!

Cuisinart Pressure Cooker Timer Not Working

1. Check The Time & Liquid Content

First things first, before you move on to the troubleshooting methods, know that the timer stops when the valve goes up. With this being, this valve action will take some time (minutes), hence the timer will take time too. In simpler words, the timer starts once the pressure is built in the pressure cooker, so it’s suggested that you wait for some time for the timer to start working. In addition, keep in mind that the timer will only work when you are using pressure settings.

Usually, the time taken by the Cuisinart pressure cooker is around sixty seconds when the lid is properly closed and sealed. In addition, if you are using more water or liquid content in the pressure cooker and the ingredients are cold or frozen, it will take more time for pressure building. So, we suggest that you either reduce the liquid content or add regular-temperature ingredients for quick pressure building, hence efficient timer starting.

2. Reset

In case the timer doesn’t work even after said time, there are chances that the program needs a reboot. With this being, just reset your Cuisinart pressure cooker by taking out the power cord for around five minutes. However, don’t remove the lid. Once you plug in the power cords, add the pressure setting and timer again and it will start working in sixty seconds to a minute.

3. Gaskets

When it comes down to the pressure cookers, the pressure is an ultimate steal, right? So, the gasket is actually the prime component that helps build pressure and initiates the timer. In case the timer is not working, there are chances that the gasket has torn out, so we suggest replacing the old gasket with a new one and have the timer back on track.

4. Seals

While using the Cuisinart pressure cooker, one needs to be extremely vigilant about the lid and seals. When you buy the new seals, there will always be one big and one small seal. Once you have the seals, take out the lid and remove the internal swivel part. The big seal goes on the lid while the second (smaller) one goes on the third placement.

To be honest, the small seals tend to come off during dishwashing and you don’t even notice it. So, once you replace the seals and add new ones, the pressure building will be optimum, and the timer will start working effectively.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that the Cuisinart pressure cooker will always need time to start the timer, so we suggest waiting for sometime before you move to the troubleshooting methods.

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