5 Common Cuisinart Air Fryer Problems (Troubleshooting)

cuisinart air fryer problems
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cuisinart air fryer problems

Air fryers are designed to offer cooking features for people who love healthy food. This is because air fryers can cook food without oil and makes the food perfectly scrumptious. However, there are some common Cuisinart air fryer problems that can hinder the cooking performance. So, let’s see the common issues and solutions associated with Cuisinart air fryers!

Cuisinart Air Fryer Problems

1) It Doesn’t Switch On

When the Cuisinart air fryer doesn’t switch on, it’s basically due to the power cord issues. The power cord is responsible for transiting the electrical signals to the air fryer and switching it on. In case the power cord is damaged, the transmission of the electrical signals will be impacted and the air fryer won’t switch on. That being said, you need to check for damages to the power cord and replace it if the cable is damaged.

2) It Switches Off During Cooking Session

If the Cuisinart air fryer works properly and it switches off in the middle of the cooking session, there is an issue with the connection. First of all, you need to try removing the power cord from the power source and try inserting it again. The users must ensure that the cord is tightly inserted into the power source. Secondly, there are chances that the power source is at fault. If that’s the case, you could try plugging the air fryer in another power outlet and it won’t switch off during the cooking session again.

3) Smoke Escaping From Air Fryer

When the Cuisinart air fryer starts escaping smoke while functioning, we understand that it can be scary. Also, while using the air fryer, know that there are different colors of smoke, such as white smoke, blue smoke, and black smoke. All these smoke colors represent a different issue and we have explained them all in the section below;

White Smoke

When it comes down to the white smoke, it’s highly likely to be steam. The steam is caused when the food in the air fryer is moist or if the food has too much fat content. In either case, you need to be mindful of what you cook in the air fryer. On the contrary, if you aren’t cooking any such food items and the white smoke is still escaping, you need to plug it out. Once the air fryer is switched off and cooled down, take it to the repairer.

Black Smoke

Black smoke is usually caused by fatty foods. Generally, people cook fatty foods at a high temperature which causes the smoke. In addition, when the fat is heated, it creates an oil that leads to black smoke. We suggest that you don’t cook fatty foods in the Cuisinart air fryers. On the contrary, if you don’t have a choice, just add water to the basket because oil drips into it and reduces the chances of smoke.

Blue Smoke

Blue smoke coming out of the Cuisinart air fryer is a very rare sight and happens because of the electrical connection issues. Usually, when the air fryer is too heated tup that burns or melts plastic, it will lead to blue smoke. If that’s the case, you need to remove the air fryer from the power source and call the repair facility. However, if there are electrical issues with an air fryer, replacing them is a better choice because they are readily available and are cheap as well.

4) Lingering Smell Of Food

The Cuisinart air fryers are amazing but when the food comes out smelling of something else, it ruins the meal, right? Truth be told, there is nothing wrong with the air fryer because it’s mainly the cleaning issue. We suggest that you clean every part of the air fryer properly, such as racks and trays. The users need to use the soap and warm water solution for cleaning the air fryer parts. Once the air fryer is properly cleaned, the smell issue will be resolved (don’t forget to clean the exterior and trapped oil).

5) Food Isn’t Crispy Enough

Nobody likes to eat dry, chewy, or soggy food, and neither do we. So, when the Cuisinart air fryer makes such food, the mood is ruined for sure. For solving this issue, we suggest that you add a very thin layer of oil to the food and it will turn out perfectly crispy. Also, opt for olive oil because it’s a healthier option!

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