Canning Vegetable Soup Without Pressure Cooker

canning vegetable soup without pressure cooker
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canning vegetable soup without pressure cooker

Using a pressure cooker is an old way or traditional way. The pressure cooker may provide us instant benefits through which we may save lot of time but the thing is “Is canning vegetable soup without a pressure cooker possible?” Read below to know more about canning vegetable soup without a pressure cooker!

What is Canning?

Canning is an ancient way of preserving food that was used in those days that were before refrigerators were there. In the essence of this method, a jar that contains food is covered with a cloth and it is then boiled for a given period of time to make the food bacterial free. 

Canning Vegetable Soup Without Pressure Cooker

Warning: Pressure canning is more effective to kill the botulism potential. Water bath canning soup mentioned below is a traditional method and NOT a scientifically approved method. Try at your own risk!

Using a pressure cooker needs extra care which is why some people opt against it. And there’s always a chance that even with care, anything could go wrong and your cooker might end up exploding on you, causing some severe unwanted damage. This is why we are going to learn about canning vegetable soup without a pressure cooker.

  1. Gather all the things we need for this process and wash all the things properly. Now, take a few clean jars and place them into the oven. Heat the oven away at about 200 degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. On the other hand, take the canning pot and fill two-third of it with clean water. Put it on the stove and turn it on. It is better to if you use high flames.  Now add the rack inside the pot. Meanwhile, take a small saucepan and fill half of it with water. Place it on the stove and cook it till slow boil. Place the lid over it and fit rings to the saucepan.
  3. Take out one of the jars from the oven. Only remove one jar at a time so that the others stay warm and sterile for a longer period of time. Pour the freshly prepared hot veggies into the hot jar. For cooking these veggies, follow the properly given instructions in the recipe.
  4. After transferring the materials, stir it once or twice with a non-metallic spatula so that the air bubbles are released and the food can be prevented from microorganisms present in the air.
  5. Add more of that prepared veggie soup in other jars one by one, by only removing one from the oven at a time. Lastly, wipe out the jars clean with the help of a paper towel or cleaning tissue papers. Clean rims of jar ensure better sealing.
  6. Now take out those lids of the jars one by one from the hot watered saucepan and start covering them on the cleaned jars filled with soup. Also, take out those rings from the saucepan and tighten them over the rim using your hand.
  7. Place all the soup-filled jars inside the pot on the rack. Try not to overload the pot. Keep the jars apart from each other. Now, cover your canning pot and give it a gentle boil. Monitor the time and check it online according to your accessories.
  8. After proper boiling, remove all the jars and surround them with a wet towel to cool them down. Now, place a finger on the center of the lid to test if it is still sealed properly. If it feels hard, you are good to place all the jars of vegetable soups at some dry place.

So, this is how canning vegetable soup without a pressure cooker is done.

If you are looking for a SAFE method, try PRESSURE CANNING soup as per the videos below!

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