How To Do Meat Canning Without A Pressure Canner

Canning Meat Without A Pressure Canner
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Canning Meat Without A Pressure Canner

Canning foods is one of the best ways of keeping them preserved and suitable for later use. Anyone is capable of canning all types of different foods whenever they want, provided that they stick to the safety standards to avoid sickness, particularly botulism.  

We are going to explain here how to can meat without a specific pressure canner but using an Instant Pot Max.

This is the only Instant Pot that we would recommend for water bath canning as it has been scientifically tested and proved to reach safe temperatures for home canning according to the USDA regulations.

What is Botulism? 

Botulism spores
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Botulism is a heat-resistant bacterium that causes havoc in foods that have not been properly preserved. Its vegetative (active) state produces a neurotoxin that can be deadly if ingested.

Its spores are harmless if ingested but they become active in food under the right conditions. These are:

  • Low acidity environment
  • Pantry temperatures
  • Anaerobic (no oxygen) conditions

These are exactly the conditions inside a can of food in our pantries! Therefore, we need to can in a way that kills all the spores.

Botulism in canned food
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What Conditions Are Needed to Kill It?

We need to raise the temperature inside the jar of food we’re going to preserve above 240˚F and hold it there for 75 minutes. This will kill all botulism spores and bacteria. 

Botulism killing condition
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Does the Instant Pot Max Satisfy These Conditions?

Yes, the Instant Pot Max is the only Instant Pot able to do so. It can, therefore, be used for safe water bath canning.

Do not use other Instant Pots (e.g., the Duo) for water bath canning because they do not even display the actual pressure or temperature on the screen.

The Instant Pot Max screen, however, allows for elevation adjustment, the pressure can be set to max/min (max is around 15 pounds), and the exact temperature is displayed.

This makes it ideal for canning. 

How to Can Meat in an Instant Pot Max 

Warning: Pressure canning is more effective to kill the botulism potential. Water bath canning meat mentioned below is a traditional method and NOT a scientifically approved method. Try at your own risk!

1. Sterilize 4 clean jars by putting a rack into the pot. Add 3 cups of water to the pot. Put the jars on the rack without their lids. Press “Canning” and sanitize them on low pressure for 10 min.

2. Put raw meat inside the jars and do not add any extra liquid. Do not pack it tightly and leave a little headspace at the top of the jar. The meat will release plenty of liquid itself. Wipe the rims and put the lids on.

Put raw meat inside the jars
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3. Add more water to bring the level quarter way up the sides of the 4 jars.

4. Set for “Canning”. Set time to 1 hour 15 min (75 min). Set venting to “Normal” and pressure to “Max”.

5. Press “Start”. The timer will start when the pot has come up to the appropriate pressure.

6. Allow to naturally release the pressure when the cooking time is done. This can take an hour or so. Remove the jars of perfectly cooked and safe meat.

7. Label with the contents and date. Store in your pantry.

Canned meat
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We hope you have fun canning in your Instant Pot Max. Stay safe! 

If you are looking for a SAFE method, try PRESSURE CANNING meat as per the videos below!

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