Can You Remelt Chocolate? (Answered)

can you remelt chocolate
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can you remelt chocolate

Chocolate lovers love to drizzle their sweet items such as cakes, cookies, and pastries with freshly melted lumps of chocolate. The unique taste of chocolate has the potential to charm up all the desserts. Chocolate, in any form, is a blessing. Be it melted, roasted, tempered, and hardened. There are times when you melt an excess quantity of chocolate that you have to put back the leftover chocolate.

Now, the question arises whether you can remelt the already melted and frozen chocolate or not. Well, to answer that, it is safe to say that you can remelt chocolate several times as per your need but make sure to not do it over 3 times. Excess melting will mold the taste and flavors of chocolate and no one wants bland chocolate.

In this post, we will talk about re-melting chocolate and two preferred ways of melting chocolate. Read on.

Can You Remelt Chocolate?

First of all, we don’t usually recommend re-melt the chocolate after it has melted and frozen already. In order to get the best coating and tempering, re-melt the chocolate, but not more than once after initial use. The strong chocolaty flavors might go bland.

Moreover, if you re-melt the chocolates with a bit of fat added, you don’t hurt anything. Your recipe will go perfectly smooth. This is why you don’t have to worry about re-melting your chocolate. Just make sure that you temper the chocolate at the right temperature.

The ideal temperatures for dark chocolate to temper up is 88 to 90 degrees, milk chocolate is 86 to 88 degrees, and white chocolate is 82 to 84 degrees.

Tempering different types of chocolates as per their ideal temperatures is important before re-melting them.

How Do You Melt Chocolate?

After tempering chocolates well at their ideal temperature, the re-melting process for chocolate will be the same as melting. Here is how you melt chocolate.

There are two types of melting chocolates; in the microwave and in the pan. You may use the one you prefer. Both will do.

How Do You Melt Chocolate In Microwave?

Here is how you microwave chocolate to melt or re-melt:

  1. Take the tempered piece of chocolate.
  2. Prepare small chunks of them.
  3. Make sure to keep the pieces in equal sizes.
  4. Now take a neat glass bowl and place all the chunks of chocolate in it.
  5. You are recommended to take a transparent glass bowl so you see the chocolate melting.
  6. Put the bowl for a minute.
  7. Keep examining the chocolate while it is in the microwave.
  8. Stir chocolate until you find the shiny and runny consistency.

How Do You Melt Chocolate On Stovetop?

Follow these steps to melt chocolate on the stovetop:

  1. Take a pan with 2 to 3 inches of water and add the chunks of chocolates to it.
  2. Stir occasionally and let the chocolate melt within the bowl.
  3. Remove heat.
  4. Keep stirring until you get the needed consistency.
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