Can You Eat Venison Medium Rare?

can you eat venison medium rare
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can you eat venison medium rare

Venison is another name for deer meat which is one of the best red meats available. However, cooking venison meat is way different from cooking beef. Beef requires high heat and a lot of time for cooking because of the large amount of fat in it, however, venison meat is very highly responsive to heat

Can You Eat Venison Medium Rare?

Yes! The best way to eat venison meat is to have it cooked medium-rare. On correct preparation of deer meat, it can have the best flavor with a perfect texture. Moreover, the health benefits of venison are way higher than any other meat. The best part about venison meat is it is very low in cholesterol with high amounts of vitamins and Omega 3 fatty acids as well.

Most of the venison meat available in the market comes from the first light venison of young animals. First light venison meat is very delicate and you have to treat it properly so that it doesn’t lose its texture or taste. You must remember one thing whenever you’re dealing with venison meat and that is it’s very lean and you must never overcook it.

5 Important Steps For Cooking Venison Meat

You must keep these few points in mind while cooking your venison meat, no matter what the recipe is:

1.    Never OverCook It

This is the most commonly made mistake by a lot of people. Almost everyone treats venison meat like beef and overcook it while preparing. Overcooking can make venison meat very gamey and rubbery. The best way to serve it is rare or medium-rare along with tender cuts.

2.    Approximate The Cut Of Meat

You have to check the part you are using and approximate those cuts you are making according to the recipe. For example, if you’re using the muscles from the neck or shoulder then you should braise it or stew it low.

3.    The Cooking Procedure

You must never use venison meat as a beef replacement in any recipe. Cows are corn-fed and they have a high amount of fat. However, deer meat comparatively has a very low-fat content. Deer usually feed on herbs and grasses, however, cattle prefer corn and grain-based diets which makes their meat contain a high amount of fat.

4.    Prefer Dry Rubs And Marinades

Dry rubs contain high amounts of salt and ginger which helps in breaking down the enzymes present in the meat. This process helps in tenderizing the meat. However, other ways to tenderize is to use acids like wine and vinegar which can also denature the protein present in meat.

5.    Oil Meat Directly, and Not Pan

If you are using venison meat for making steaks or bbq then you must brush the meat with oil on each side. The searing time can be estimated with a minute per inch thickness of your venison meat.

We hope this blog helped you get ready to eat medium-rare cooked venison meat without any hesitations.

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