Calphalon Pan Losing Coating: 4 Reasons

calphalon pan losing coating
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calphalon pan losing coating

Sure, you bought the Calphalon nonstick pan, so it will last a long time. However, some people don’t understand the fact that nonstick coverage is bound to wear out with time. With this being said, if you are struggling with Calphalon pan losing coating, you are not alone. So, to help you out, we are sharing how you can recoat the pan!

Recoating The Calphalon Pan

First of all, you need to preheat the oven up to 550-degrees Fahrenheit. Now, come to the pan and clean it up with the dishwashing soap and sponge. Make sure that you don’t use the steel wool for cleaning the surface because it can damage the pan’s coverage even more. Once cleaned, just rinse up the pan with water to get rid of the residue. Also, dry up the pan with a clean and dry towel.

Now, place the pan on the even surface and spray the surface with the nonstick surface repair spray. One needs to ensure that they are spraying the even layer on the pan. Once you’ve sprayed the layer, let the layer dry for around thirty minutes. Now, put this pan in the oven and let it heat for around forty minutes. After this time, just take out the pan (wear oven mitts!) and let it cool down. You can also add the second layer of coating and repeat the same process of heating with the new coating.

Calphalon Pan Losing Coating

Taking Care of The Recoated Calphalon Pan

Okay, so you’ve already coated the Calphalon pan but you don’t want to struggle with the peeling again, you can actually follow some simple tricks and make sure the pan lasts a long time. So, have a look and do follow the guidelines!

1) Cooking Temperature

To be honest, high temperatures are the worst enemies of the recoated pan. This is because high temperature not only burns the food but it burns the coating as well. With this being said, only use the pans on the medium heat setting.

2) Water Temperature

Yes, we are talking about washing. So, make sure that you don’t use cold water for cleaning the recoated pan. This is because cold water can actually bubble up. Consequently, you can either use hot water or warm water, and even more, cleaning with hot or warm water will become easier since the stains will be easy to remove.

3) Cleaning Material

Cleaning is an essential part of every pot and pan. So, if you’ve recoated the Calphalon pan, you need to use the soft brush for cleaning because hard bristles are not suggested. In addition, you can use the washing cloth or soft sponge for easy cleaning.

4) Chemicals

For everyone concerned about the materials to use with the recoated pans, make sure that you use the mild cleaning solution. Also, there must be no toxic ingredients in the cleaning liquid because they can react with the surface and lead to corrosion. All in all, you need to be careful with the recoated Calphalon pans!

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