12 Easy Steps To Fix Bosch Coffee Maker Red Light

bosch coffee maker red light
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bosch coffee maker red light

Every gadget requires care and effort for making it last longer, especially those appliances that are used daily or more than once a day. However, if you fail to deal with your Bosch coffee maker responsibly then there’s a high chance of detecting warning red lights flashing from it.

Bosch Coffee Maker

Bosch coffee maker comes along with an intelligent heater inside which maintains a perfect brewing temperature. Moreover, it also has a sensoFlow system which allows full aroma in your cup of coffee. It has a very efficient grinding and brewing process which makes your coffee extra strong. It also has a cream cleaner which rinses off the milk system.

This coffee maker comes with one-touch controlling and it is one of the most silent espresso makers which is also fully automatic. The front of the coffee maker is made of stainless steel material, however, the body is made of high gloss anthracite. Moreover, for the convenience of the user, it also has an LCD with interactive menu options.

Bosch Coffee Maker Red Light

Why Does the Red Light Appear?

The red light of your Bosch coffee maker lights up when it’s showing a warning sign, which generally indicates a problem in your coffee maker. The redlight of your coffee maker flashes when your coffee maker requires descaling. The descaling process involves removing all the calcium and other mineral deposits that have settled inside your coffee maker.

Using hard water is the major reason for calcification or mineral deposition inside your coffee maker. It can be easily cleaned with the help of descaling soap and a few steps.

12 Easy Steps to Resolve The Warning Sign

The warning sign will disappear once you descale or remove the built-up limescale from your Bosch coffee maker. However, it requires a few steps.

  1. First of all, make sure you fill your water tank, then add any descaling reagent.
  2. Now place the water tank inside the machine.
  3. The next step is to open the brew head of your bosch coffee maker. It is the place where you put your T-disc coffee pod.
  4. Now you must place the service disc in a position that the barcode faces down.
  5. Place more than 500ml container, on the slot where you put your coffee cup for collection.
  6. Start the descaling program by pushing a button.
  7. The process will finish in 30 minutes.
  8. Now empty the used descaling solution in an empty container.
  9. Thoroughly and repeatedly rinse the water container by emptying it again and again until it’s completely clean.
  10. At least repeat the cleaning cycle for up to 4-6 cycles. This way any residues of the cleaning solution will be discarded or flushed
  11. Once you are done, remove the service disc you placed inside.
  12. Your Bosch coffee maker is now descaled properly, and you can use it with no red light or warning sign.

Hopefully, this blog helped you resolve the red light issue on your Bosch coffee maker.

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