Bluestar Cooktop Review 2021: Is It Worth The Price?

bluestar cooktop review
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bluestar cooktop review

The kitchen is for cooking and it’s useless if you don’t have the right cooktop. This is because the cooktop is responsible for helping you cook food and the quality of the cooktop will impact the heating performance.

For the same reason, BlueStar cooktops have become quite famous since they are extraordinary. In this article, we are sharing the BlueStar cooktop review in the article to help you make the right choice!

BlueStar Cooktop Review

To begin with, there are forty ranges available and the color variations are even more. It’s safe to say that there are multiple options available. To begin with, there are open burners in the cooktop that helps enhance the heating performance. In addition, simmer is incredibly important for cooking and BlueStar cooktops are designed with precise simmer. There are 15k, 21k, and 18k BTU burners available on the cooktop which can be customized with the knobs.

The availability of UltraNova burners in the cooktop helps deliver top-notch heating performance. There are interchangeable char-broiler and griddles designed with the cooktops, hence versatile cooking performance. The prime reason that we love the BlueStar cooktop is the power and versatility. That’s to say because you can experiment with the heating power. There are unique burners in these cooktops that deliver power range from 15k to 25k BTU with extremely accurate control.

If we look at the broilers, they have infrared broilers that are extremely amazing. In addition, the customization options are extensive in BlueStar cooktops because you can personalize the knobs, color, and cooking surfaces. In case you opt for the cooking range, you can choose between French doors and dropdown. As far as the burners are concerned, one can opt for sealed or open burners, whatever you prefer. Lastly, the color can be customized as well.

On top of everything, you can even customize the ventilation. For instance, one can change the spacing between bands and rivets, along with color. BlueStar cooktops are actually handmade and are manufactured in Pennsylvania. There is a quick preheating feature in the ovens (ovens are added to the cooking ranges). The cooktops are designed with a patented power burner, hence the infrared heating element. All in all, the unique design of their cooktops helps deliver a consistent cooking outcome.

There is true European convection in the cooktop that helps reduce the hotspots and cold spots. They have integrated heating element around the fan that helps generate heat which also offers better control of the temperature. In addition, the availability of convection technology delivers consistent temperature. The burner has extensive cooking power that’s suitable for searing, quick boiling, and optimal sautéing. The simmer burner will help warm up the food and or melt the chocolate. 

There are motion grates available in BlueStar cooktops and they are coated with porcelain, hence better durability and performance. The open burner system in the BlueStar cooktop promises higher efficiency and the heat distribution will be intense. When it concerns customization, there are ten different metal trims available, such as copper and brass. As a result, you will be able to get the cooktop that matches the theme of your kitchen.

BlueStar cooktops are designed with a heavy yet flat-rolled steel base, integrated with the high-strength gas burners. The top of the cooktop is designed with a removable ring with additional rings. In addition, the center ring delivers a hot flame, so you can have a high-temperature cooking experience. However, the heat keeps on reducing as it gets away from the central ring. With this being said, the outer ring of the cooktop’s burners is great for simmering.

On the other hand, the edges are optimal for melting chocolate and even butter. What we love is that one can use one burner for different cooking needs since there are different flame settings for each burner. The cooktops can be seasoned for cleaning properly. The burner is integrated under the steel, so keep an eye. Users can even customize the char-broilers and griddles with the cooktops because it has an interchangeable difference.

The BlueStar cooktops are designed with flexibility in mind and will deliver promising results. In terms of heat, there are no issues and one burner can be used with different flame settings. The bottom line is that the BlueStar cooktop is a great one!

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