3 Reasons Why Your Blackstone Griddle Is Getting Warped?

Blackstone Warped
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Blackstone Warped

Blackstone Group is a US investment management company that is based in New York. They have multiple companies, and Blackstone appliances are a part of their portfolio. Blackstone is manufacturing a wide number of appliances but is particularly known for its griddles. Their griddles are not only exceptionally great for you to be having the perfect design factor, but they are pretty great in terms of performance and efficiency as well.

Why Your Blackstone Griddle Is Getting Warped?

The Blackstone griddle might be getting warped like some other griddles out there, and there can be certain reasons for that as well. A few such reasons that you will need to know about are:

1. Prolonged Heat

A common reason for having the Blackstone griddle warped could be due to prolonged heat on it, coupled with the excessive temperature. It is common knowledge that metal tends to deform with heat and fire, and that is something you will definitely need to be careful about.

So, having a griddle might want you to be using it to some extreme limits, and that is something you would have an urge to do, but that is not something wise or recommended. That is why, you will need to make sure that you are taking good care of it, and donā€™t use it for extended periods of high heat and temperature.

2. Storage Conditions

Storage conditions also matter a lot, and even if you are taking care of the griddle properly while you are using it, like not using it for too long, or having any high temperature on it, inappropriate storage conditions might be causing you to have a number of issues.

That is why, if you are storing the griddle under direct exposure to the sun or you are having direct heat exposure to the griddle, that can also be causing you to have this issue with the griddle getting warped. You will need to ensure that you are storing the griddle well under shade and in a cool, dry place and that will help you to avoid any issues that you might have to face otherwise.

3. Cooling With Water

Another common mistake that could be causing you to face warping on the griddle is cooling it off with some cold water. As the metal parts on the Blackstone griddle are heated up, they tend to get softened up. Throwing some cold water on it might seem like the right idea to have it cooled down a bit so that you can safely handle that, but in fact, that is not the best thing for you to be having.

The natural cooling-off process tends to keep the form in shape, and that should be allowing you to avoid any deformations on them. That is why you should avoid any such process as throwing off some water on the Blackstone griddle. That is why just letting it cool naturally should be allowing you to be having the right experience with it.

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