4 Ways To Fix Black And Decker Rice Cooker Is Not Working

black and decker rice cooker not working
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black and decker rice cooker not working

Don’t you love using your Black and Decker rice cooker? But what to do when your Black and Decker rice cooker is not working? How to mend it back to its normal working mode? Can you repair it at home or does it need to be taken to a repair shop? Find out all about your Black and Decker rice cooker in the article written below.

Black And Decker Rice Cooker

Having huge dinner parties with family and friends has just gotten a lot easier, all thanks to the one and only Black and Decker rice cooker. This amazing rice cooker that is capable of cooking as much as 16-Cup Rice is just the right type of kitchen equipment that everyone needs in their home for parties and gatherings.

Cooking rice usually takes time but with a black and decker rice cooker, it hardly takes you 20 to 40 minutes to cooker 16 cups of rice. Also, not to miss out that the cooked rice neal is absolutely delicious. They are fluffy and nice and fully ready to be served to all the people waiting in the dining room.

Troubleshooting Black And Decker Rice Cooker Not Working

With all its greater benefits, people have also faced many problems with their black and decker rice cooker not working when it is supposed to. Here are some easy steps that you can take to make your rice cooker work like before.

If you are facing problems with your Black and Decker rice cooker not working, there may be two possible reasons that it isn’t turning on. Either its Power cord may be broken or its internal circuit is somehow damaged.

  1. How to Mend the Broken Power cord?

If your cooker is not working, you should go check its power cord first. It is common that a power cord usually gets damaged due to some cuts or gashes. Replacing the power cord with a new one usually helps to get your rice cooker back on track.

  1. How To Fix The Broken Internal Circuit?

If the power cord is not damaged and looks fine, maybe it is the internal circuit of your black and Decker rice cooker that’s not working. So the next thing you should do is to check the internal circuit. Replacing the damages internal faulty Connections will help to get your rice cooker back to the cooking job. The recommended way to mend a broken circuit is to take your rice cooker to a professional.

  1. How to Get Your Turn on Button Fixed?

If you’re facing troubles while pressing that turn on the button of your black and decker Rice cooker, it is maybe because the button is internally broken or it might have been pressed too hard in the past. This can be fixed by replacing the button with a new one.

  1. How To Fix The Indicator Light Not Turning on?

The black and decker rice cookers come with a unique light indicating system. Sometimes those little light indicators stop working and you might find your food burnt because the cooker didn’t indicate you. This issue can be resolved by replacing the light inductors if they are fused somehow. You can get your rice cooker checked by the service-man and also get all the light functions fixed easily.

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