What To Do If You Find Mold Inside Big Green Egg?

big green egg mold inside
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big green egg mold inside

The Big Green Egg is one of the most popular and easy-to-use grills. It has been designed as a full-range outdoor cooking system with a more durable and stronger build.

The grill provides higher value for money and promises higher heat retention to make sure the food is properly cooked and doesn’t have any hotspots.

However, many Big Green Egg users complain about Big Green Egg mold inside. In most cases, the mold develops when you don’t use it for a long time.

So, with this article, we are sharing step-by-step instructions to clean mold as well as reasons behind mold development and prevention of mold.

Big Green Egg Mold Inside

The Step-By-Step Guide To Remove Mold

To remove mold from the Big Green Egg, you have to be extremely careful because an incorrect process will cause damage to the internal parts.

In addition, incorrect cleaning will adversely impact the grilling and barbecuing experience. So, let’s check out the steps that you’ve to follow;

  • First of all, you have to take out the cooking grates from the grill and add some charcoal. In addition, if you are doing mold cleaning after a cook, you can top it up.
  • The second step is to crank the grill to the highest possible setting – the temperature should go over 600 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature will kill the mold that’s growing in the grill. In addition, it will ensure that the grill is thoroughly cleaned.
  • Now, put your cooking grates back, and after fifty minutes, you’ve to open the grill’s lid. When you open the lid, the grill will be exposed to oxygen, which increases the combustion.
  • Then, check around the grill’s internal corners, and it’s likely that mold has already started to burn.
  • You have to shut the lid again for sixty minutes.
  • Now, let the Big Green Egg cool down and use a scrubber to remove all the ash.
  • The next step is to remove the fire ring, grates, and firebox and clean all these grill parts separately.
  • You can use a scrubber to clean everything and make sure you dry everything before you start and use the grill.
  • Keep in mind that the Big Green Egg is a ceramic-based grill, and you shouldn’t use a wire brush because it can leave scratches.

In addition, you should not use bleach because ceramic material will absorb the bleach and damage the protective coating.

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On the other hand, if you want to clean the exterior of the grill for mold, it’s easy, fortunately. The Big Green Egg has a smooth painted surface, which means wiping it with a cloth can help clear the dust.

In addition, there are scraper and brush tools that promise efficient cleaning. In addition, you can use a sponge or steel wool to clean the exterior walls but don’t apply too much pressure, or the paint will start coming off.

Common Reasons Behind Mold Development

Now that you know the correct way of cleaning mold, it’s important to know the common reasons behind mold development as it helps prevent mold development. The reasons include;

  1. Humidity

First of all, you must remember that mold thrives in wet conditions, which is why you have to store the grill once it has been washed and fully dried up.

Many people just wipe the grill with a towel, but it still leaves behind moisture, which can accelerate mold development when it’s put away.

  1. Food Residues

Many users make the mistake of leaving their grill right after cooking without cleaning it. So, whenever you cook or grill in the Big Green Egg, you should clean it.

Hand dips sponge in soapy water while cleaning house
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This is because when the food residues are left in the grill, they will turn into mold, which is why proper cleaning is important before you put away the grill.

  1. Use

In case you store the grill for too long, it will become a breeding medium for mold. For this reason, whenever you use the grill, clean it properly, and dry it up before you store it.

On the other hand, if you won’t have to use the grill for a long time, it’s better that you winterize the grill. To winterize the grill, you should clean the exterior and interior, including all the racks.

Once everything is cleaned, you have to season the grill with a thin oil coating, assembly the grill, and store it away.

Tips To Prevent Mold Growth In Big Green Egg

Preventing mold development is one of the most convenient ways of keeping the grill clean and safe to cook with. So, to prevent mold development, check out the following tips;

  1. Use Heat

When you use the grill, it’s recommended that you add some coals and increase the temperature. You have to give it 45 minutes to 60 minutes at high temperature and turn it off.

coals on grill
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Then, let the grill cool down and use a scrubber to clean the grill. This is a maintenance step that helps clear away the food residues, which discourages the growth of bacteria, hence no mold.

  1. Keep It Dry

Before you store the grill, it is important to let the grill get dried. You can use a towel to wipe away the most water and let it air-dry for a few minutes before packing it away.

  1. Don’t Use The Cover

If it’s possible, you should try storing the grill without its cover. It’s obvious that taking off the cover will catch dust, but it’s easier to clean than mold.

The Right Way Of Storing The Big Green Egg

Proper storage of the grill is essential to keep it clean and free from mold. So, consider the following points while cleaning it;

  • Make sure there is sufficient storage space because this grill is massive
  • Try to find a dark place as it makes sure the grill doesn’t get too dirty as it won’t be exposed to dust
  • Invest in a grill cover to prevent the buildup of dust layer on the grill
  • Use a draft door for the bottom vent to make sure the air circulation is sufficient (it’s a great way of clearing up mold spores)

So, are you ready to clean the grill?

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