4 Excellent Alternatives To Big Green Egg Plate Setter

big green egg plate setter alternative
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big green egg plate setter alternative

Big Green Egg has been one of the most popular kiln grills for many years and it is incomplete without a perfect platter. Here in this article, we have collected some easy and exciting alternative solutions for platters.

Big Green Egg Plate Setter

The big green egg plate setter is also called “ConvEGGator”. It is mainly used to indirect the heat of Big Green Egg. The dish setter is their top-selling accessory that provides comfort and versatility in your kitchen. It works by creating a barrier between food and fire.

The sheet metal installer is designed to provide adequate airflow around the surface. At the same time, the fire prevents flames and direct heat from reaching the food. Its three-legged layout of the serving unit incites thermal circulation throughout the Big Green Egg without directly exposing the food to the flame heat below.

4 Excellent Alternative To Big Green Egg Plate Setter

As you know this plate setter is mainly used for indirect cooking. However, if you don’t have the plate setter you can still cook indirectly without it. We have gathered the following few options for you to get started.

1. Fire brick

Firebrick can be easily used in place of the Big Green Egg plate setter. These firebricks are specifically designed to use in wedges, ovens, fireplaces, and outdoor grills. It is resistant and maintains high temperatures up to 3000 degrees. Put these bricks on top for pizza, flanges, and cakes.

Many people have used refractory bricks to lift the grill. But you can also easily use it as a replacement for the infamous plate setter without facing any difference in cooking. Resistance in these bricks is used for indirect heating; you just need to put some kind of segregation between the two places. Using resistant bricks would be an easy and inexpensive way to prepare indirect dishes.

2. Paella Pans

Another easy alternate is paella pan. Paella pans are also called paelleras. You can use this frying pan for a variety of paella recipes. The depth is 2 to 2.5 inches. These pans are shallow, round, and wide with slanted sides. This pan releases heat and is also resistant to hot coal cooking.

The paella pan fits directly into the grill, eliminating the need to use a plate installer. This way, you can use a paella baking tray instead of a dish serving tray.

3. Pizza Stone

A pizza stone is a very useful substitute for a plate setter. Pizza Stone is a brick specially designed to make pizza. It absorbs moisture and gives the pizza a crunchy crust. Small pizza stones will fit perfectly into your grill oven. This stone is available in cast iron, stone, cordierite, and ceramic materials.

So, instead of spending on the plate, you can use a small pizza stone since it is a very cheap solution. These are also readily available in the market.

4. Cooling rack

If you don’t have a plate setter and you’re looking for an alternative, cooling racks are an excellent alternative. It comes with a stainless steel grid on top for slow roasting and cooking. Easy to use and works very well instead of a plate heater for indirect heating.

To use it as an alternative to your plate setter, place a folded sheet of foil under the wire rack. These cooling racks are very easy to use and easier to find in the market as well.

Summing up

That wraps up our list of alternatives for a Big Green Egg Plate setter. Those who don’t want to buy a plate setter can use these alternatives to enjoy their grilling session. As most of them are very cheap compared to the plate setter but don’t worry, they work just as well as the plate setter does. In short, you won’t have to spend a lot of money on roasting or grilling anymore.

We hope this article helped you find all your answers.

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