7 Best Crock-Pot Pressure Cookers Review 2021

Best Crock-Pot Pressure Cookers
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Best Crock-Pot Pressure Cookers

Crock-pot pressure cookers provide the best of both worlds. You can let your chicken and dumplings slowly simmer all day for dumplings that melt in your mouth and chicken so tender that you can cut it apart with a fork, or you can use them as a pressure cooker to enjoy mouthwatering meats that are cooked in a fraction of the time.

Both of these are perfect for the working mom that doesn’t have all day to spend at home, let alone in the kitchen.

What are the Best Crock-Pot Pressure Cookers?

Crock-Pot 2097590 10-Qt. Express Crock Multi-Cooker with Easy Release Steam Dial, 10QT, Black Stainless
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Crock-Pot Express Easy Release | 6 Quart Slow, Pressure, Multi Cooker, 6QT, Stainless Steel
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Crock-Pot 2097590 10-Qt. Express Crock Multi-Cooker with Easy Release Steam Dial, 10QT, Black Stainless
Crock-Pot Express Easy Release | 6 Quart Slow, Pressure, Multi Cooker, 6QT, Stainless Steel
Crock-Pot 2097590 10-Qt. Express Crock Multi-Cooker with Easy Release Steam Dial, 10QT, Black Stainless
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Crock-Pot 2097590 10-Qt. Express Crock Multi-Cooker with Easy Release Steam Dial, 10QT, Black Stainless
Crock-Pot Express Easy Release | 6 Quart Slow, Pressure, Multi Cooker, 6QT, Stainless Steel
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Crock-Pot Express Easy Release | 6 Quart Slow, Pressure, Multi Cooker, 6QT, Stainless Steel

They’ve risen in popularity over the years, resulting in manufacturers filling the market with some of the coolest products. Make sure that you consider what you want in a product before making a purchase, though.


Before purchasing a crock-pot pressure cooker, make sure that you consider maintenance. Is the product comprised of a material that is dishwasher safe? Also consider whether it has non-stick material on the interior lining, as this is known for not lasting as long as other products.

If parts need to be replaced every six months or certain parts are known for not lasting, that should be noted before purchasing.


The main thing to consider when thinking of durability is the material that the pot is made from. Stainless steel is more durable but is also more expensive.

Aluminum is more cost-effective but is known for not lasting as long. Customers also need to consider the durability of other components, such as electrical components, before purchasing.

Ease Of Use

Customers that are not the best with technology will want a product that is easy to use. No one wants to read an entire manual every time they would like to cook a meal. Some products let you simply fill them with food, push a single button and call it a day.

Other products require pushing more than one button, setting the temperature, adjusting the steam valve and more. If you like products with all the bells and whistles and do not mind a little extra work, this one does not apply to you.


Some crock-pot pressure cookers are simple with warming and pressure cooking settings. Others are designed to cook everything in your kitchen while simultaneously replacing every gadget except the toaster. If you want more features, or need more appliances, like a rice cooker, pay special attention to features.

Best Crock-Pot Pressure Cookers: Our Top 7 Picks

Here are some of the best crock-pot pressure cookers:

1. Crock-Pot 6 Quart 8 in 1 Multi Use Express Crock Programmable Pressure Cooker

This crockpot encompasses the primary functions that a crockpot is known for with a few extras. It can serve as a pressure cooker, rice cooker, slow cooker, and steamer. This can also be used to make yogurt and other foods, like beans. Eight settings can be used to cook all the basics.

The exterior of this product is made from stainless steel, making it an exceptional option for those that are looking for durability. The inside of the pot is comprised of a non-stick coating. This has it’s good and bad things. On the plus side, it is dishwasher safe and this material is known for being easy to clean.

This product is relatively easy to use. Buttons on the front make it easy to use. The temperature can be adjusted, and those that want to can program a delay in cooking time with a push of a button. The one-touch cooking makes it easy to use for anyone. All you must be able to do is read the words on the front of the product.

This particular product holds six quarts, making it a nice size for an average-sized family or a slightly larger family. It can feed six or seven people an average-sized meal. This also makes it a nice size for small get-togethers.

2. Crock-Pot 2097590 10-Qt Express Multi-Cooker

This crockpot multi-cooker is the perfect size at 10 quarts. It provides more than enough space to guarantee that a meal is large enough for the entire family, or for a side dish at the family reunion.

When it comes to materials used, this one is built to be durable. Stainless steel is easy to clean and known to last for years. There are no consistent customer complaints pertaining to other components of the product, either. On the other hand, it does come with a non-stick inner pot. Some customers might not be a fan of the non-stick coating as this will last significantly less than plain stainless steel.

The features of this crock-pot multi-cooker help it stand out from the rest. It can function as a sterilizer for everything from instruments to baby products, like baby bottles. In addition to that, it can serve as a crockpot, pressure cooker, steamer to steam vegetables, and more. Owners can saute dinner, brown anything or just heat up something that was pre-cooked.

This product is extremely easy to use. Those that are not technologically inclined will not have a problem. Steam is released via a dial on the top lid. Programming or cooking is completed via the buttons on the front. You can easily switch from steaming to sterilizing with the push of a button. You’ll never feel the need to read the manual every time you use this one.

3. Crock-Pot 2100467 Express Easy Release Multi-Cooker

The crockpot express easy release features a steam release dial for safety purposes. This helps to keep your hands away from the burning hot steam as it is released, guaranteeing that you will not get burned.

This particular product is available in various sizes. The six quarts seems to be extremely popular as it is designed to feed approximately seven people. Larger and smaller sizes are also available to make sure that every person can find exactly what they need, whether it’s cooking dinner for two or making a massive batch of dip for football Sunday.

When it comes to features, this one will not disappoint or impress you. It does not have the ability to serve as ninety products in one, but it will get the job done. It can be used as a pressure cooker, slow cooker, to saute meals and more.

It is programmable, so owners can delay the cooking of their meals to suit their schedule. Simply prepare it before work, program the pressure cooker to start at the pre-determined time, and enjoy dinner being ready when you get home.

The primary downsides to this product are a few of the features that it doesn’t have, and the non-stick coating. This product is not designed for portability. For example, it does not have a lockable lid. The non-stick coating will not last as long as a stainless steel interior. This material is known for flaking off as the years go by.

When it comes to features, this one cannot be used to sterilize things or as an air fryer. It can cook dinner, but it doesn’t go above and beyond to do a lot else.

4. Crock-pot SCCPPC800-V1 8-Quart Multi-Use Cooker

This crockpot can hold eight quarts, which is more than enough to feed the entire family. It provides ample space to take it to a potluck at work, but it does not have special portable features, such as a locking lid.

This crockpot is comprised of stainless steel, making it one of the more durable options on the market. When compared to aluminum, stainless steel can last years longer. It does have a non-stick coating on the inside of the interior pot.

As far as being easy to use goes, this one takes the cake. The buttons on the front of the product make it easier to use. Along the right side are the pressure cooking options.

Owners can simply push the button for meat, poultry or anything else that they would like to pressure cook instead of having to guess or read the manual to determine what settings to use. It also has buttons for every other feature, such as making yogurt or keeping things warm.

Other features include being able to specifically program the slow cooker or being able to delay cooking. These are nice for people that want to use those features but are not necessary for people that would like to simply push a button and start cooking. It caters to both people that want to play with the buttons and programmable features as well as those that prefer one-touch cooking.

5. Crock-Pot 4-Quart Multi-Use MINI Express Crock Programmable Cooker

A four-quart capacity makes this pressure cooker ideal for small families or those that would like to make a dinner for two. If you’re accustomed to making small dinners for yourself, this is one to consider.

It has the same durability as most other crock-pot pressure cookers. The exterior is comprised of durable stainless steel while the interior pot has a non-stick coating. Although some people do not like the non-stick coating on the interior of the inside pot, there are other four-quart pots that will fit this product. The non-stick coating is easy to clean in both the dishwasher and when hand-washing.

It has the basic features that most people have become accustomed to with a crock-pot pressure cooker. The temperature can be adjusted, and it does have a delayed cooking setting. It can be used to cook a variety of things, such as meat, rice, poultry, stew and more.

Each type of food has it’s own button so that you can cook whatever you like. It does not require reading the manual or an extensive knowledge of cooking. Those that are not into the latest in technology and would like something simpler will appreciate this.

The primary downside to this one is that it is not available in a variety of sizes. It only comes in the four quarts size, which can be inconvenient for those that are in need of something larger.

6. Crock-Pot 4-Quart Multi-Use MINI Express Crock Programmable Cooker

This four quarts slow cooker can be used as a pressure cooker, rice cooker, for delayed cooking as a crockpot and much more. Enjoy simmering rice, making dessert or simmering baked beans. The possibilities are vast enough that a person can always find a reason to use this.

It is not available in sizes other than the four quarts, however. While some people, such as those that plan to cook for two or three people, will enjoy this it can be inconvenient for those that need to cook larger meals.

The exterior of this pot is stainless, and the inside is a non-stick coating. Whether the non-stick coating is a dealbreaker is a personal choice for many. This is a common material used in these products, but other options are available on the market to replace it with.

This product is a renewed product. That means that it has been returned and is being sold at a discount price. Those that are searching for a cost-effective option can enjoy an expensive slow cooker/pressure cooker at a low cost.

The box and accessories, such as cords, might be a different brand. The warranty for these products is often less than it is for brand new products as well. However, all renewed products sold on Amazon are double-checked to make sure that they work as well as brand new products.

7. Mini Programmable Slow Cooker

This mini programmable slow cooker has all of the basic features that other products do, such as simmering, pressure cooking, steaming, etc. In addition to that, owners can adjust it so that they can cook at low pressure or high pressure. The temperature can also be adjusted to guarantee that every dinner comes out perfect.

It is only available in four quarts, but this is a nice size for a small family. It can also be used to make a dip or appetizer for a small family gathering. An airtight lid that locks is a nice feature for those that would like something portable.

The material that this slow cooker is comprised of is similar to that of other products on the market. The slow cooker is made of stainless steel, providing a sleek modern look as it is paired with black. The inner pot has a non-stick coating that is safe in the dishwasher.

This product is a renewed product. That means that it has been used and returned. After the product was returned, it was inspected to guarantee that everything still works. Then, it was put back on the market for resale.

Amazon does offer a 90-day warranty for renewed products that are sold. They do not have cosmetic imperfections when they are held a foot away, but there might be minor scratches. It’s important to note that these have been used, so they should not be expected to be in flawless condition.

Choosing the Best Crock-Pot Pressure Cookers

Crock-pot pressure cookers are the latest rave in kitchen appliances. They have the ability to cook meats quicker than an oven can, and can replace quite a few kitchen appliances to clear up counter space.

Some pressure cookers have a variety of features and functions, such as the ability to function as a sterilizer too. Other’s are more basic but are still perfect for those that want a simple crock-pot pressure cooker. Finding one that is perfect for you is possible.

Before shopping, consider whether a renewed product is for you. It’s important to outweigh the pros, like the cheaper price, with the cons, such as a shorter warranty, while making this decision.

These seven are the best of the best. There is ample variety to ensure that customers can decide what they need in a slow cooker/pressure cooker, such as size, features, and materials used, and then find one that matches their needs perfectly.

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