Bar Keepers Friend Liquid vs Powder: Which One Is Better?

bar keepers friend liquid vs powder
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bar keepers friend liquid vs powder

The United States cleaning agent giant, the bar keepers friend, was founded in 1882. The company is still active, and their items are sold in three countries, i.e., the US, UK, and Canada. The reviews of the loyal customers showcase the quality bar keepers friend has maintained over the years.  The cleaning agent’s primary ingredient is oxalic acid. The acid has potent bleaching characteristics that make it a key element in many detergents and cleaning products. Hence, it is part of many households. The bar keepers friend is available in both powder and liquid form. The bar keepers friend liquid vs. powder is a legit debate that will be settled today.

The bar keepers friend is not just for ordinary cleaning; it is useful in cleaning the most resistant stains. This kitchen-friendly agent can remove stains from your dishes and make them look new. With everyday use, the flatware in your kitchen would have become dull. You can use bar keepers friend to make them shine again. Regular use will prevent dullness too. Another benefit of using this cleaning agent regularly is to prevent the growth of harmful microorganisms.

Further, you can clean your stovetops, pans, and your dishwasher using it in the kitchen. An exciting benefit is cleaning your bathroom accessories like shower tubs, sink, or chrome taps. The finishing touch of the bar keepers friend is classic. Your stuff will look like a newly bought mirror.

Bar Keepers Friend Liquid vs Powder: Which One Is better?

The bar keepers friend is available in both liquid and powder form. So, you must be wondering which one is better for you. The notion that one is better than the other is wrong. Each form of this cleaning agent has its pros and cons, and we will discuss that in detail.

Powder form:

The powder form is the original form that was introduced years ago by the company. The prime work of the powder form is to clean the most resistant stains. Stains on some items do not go away even with aggressive cleaning. When you are cleaning to the depth of something, the powder form comes into play. It gives the edge of cleaning the hard stains properly. The powder form helps to remove the long-term stains and restores the original look. If you have not washed your kitchen or washroom accessories in some years, the powder form will help get back its original look.

When using the powder form of the bar keepers friend, wet the desired surface, and throw some powder. Now, aggressively rub the surface to clean off all the dirt. The powder form can be used on different surfaces and in various ways. It is stronger and more potent as compared to the liquid one. The powder form has some abrasive chemicals. These can be added in the powder but not the liquid form. So, do not use it on surfaces that would get scratched. Hence, powder form is better when used to remove stains present for a long time.

Liquid form:

The bar keepers friend introduced the liquid form recently. Loyal customers want to know whether it is good enough. As per the experts from the company, they say liquid form is used for everyday use. It is better for light cleaning than deep cleaning. Light cleaning is for items that do not have hard stains.

The liquid form has the benefit of convenience. You just have to apply it to the area without worrying about wetting the surface beforehand. There are good reviews about the liquid form. However, those who have been using the powder form still prefer the original cleaning agent.

Hence, we can conclude from the above discussion that both forms, i.e., liquid and powder, serve different purposes. The former used for light, whereas the latter for deep cleaning. There is not a single item that bar keepers friend cannot clean. It is potent but makes sure not to leave it on the surface for more than a minute. Otherwise, the surface would become dull and lose its color. The company says it is biodegradable and safe as long as you follow the instructions given by them. So, get your hands on this magical item and shine your home accessories like a mirror.

bar keepers friend liquid vs powder
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