Baking vs Frying Bacon: What’s The Difference?

baking vs frying bacon
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baking vs frying bacon

Bacon is everyone’s favorite (yes, we are that sure about it!). Some people love it with dinner while some people bite on them for breakfast. Nonetheless, bacon is delicious but there are different preparation methods. For instance, people do consider baking vs. frying bacon whenever they have to make bacon. With this article, we are sharing the differences between these cooking methods for bacon!

Baking vs Frying Bacon

Baked Bacon

For everyone who wants to quickly make bacon, baking the bacon in an oven is the right choice. Ovens have become the popular appliances for every kitchen irrespective of the fact if it’s a household kitchen or a professional kitchen. That being said, if you have an oven, you can use it for making bacon quickly and easily.

The best thing about baking the bacon is that it takes much lesser time as compared to other cooking methods. For instance, baking bacon in the oven will take around two minutes to four minutes. However, the baking time depends on the desired texture. Baked bacon range from soft and chewy form to crunchy and crispy range, depending on the desired outcome.

When we talk about baked bacon, it’s essential to note down that they will be well-cooked and well-done without taking away the flavor. Even more, some people consider if baking the bacon is safe or not. That being said, baking the bacon in an oven is completely safe but there are some factors that must be considered.

First of all, you need to use oven-safe plates for baking the bacon and make sure that you are strict about the baking time. This is because baked bacon will turn into burnt bacon within a few seconds. On the other hand, less than necessary baking time will lead to undercooked and somewhat raw bacon. Also, the bacon must be thawed before they are added to the oven.

For absorbing the excessive moisture and fat content from bacon, you must be paper towels to ensure perfectly baked bacon. Baked bacon will help save energy and time, and it’s safe to say that baking is an efficient way of cooking bacon. When it comes down to baking the bacon, you have to ensure that bacon is dry to prevent splattering.

Topping it all, you can experiment with the texture and doneness of the bacon when using ovens. However, what we love about baking bacon is that it leads to a rich aroma and delicate smell. That being said, baking will emit the pork belly fat that delivers the flavor everyone loves!

Fried Bacon

For everyone who has a skillet or a pan at hand, they can prepare the bacon by frying them. With skillets, you have to place the flat skillet on a stovetop, put the bacon strips on it, add some oil, and cook them for a few minutes. The bacon can be cooked at a higher temperature. On the contrary, if you prefer crispy bacon, it’s suggested to opt for a slow temperature.

While we talk about frying the bacon, it is suggested that you use zero to minimal oil because heating will melt the pork belly’s fat from the bacon and it will be cooked in its own grease. However, if you don’t like too much oil, we suggest that you the paper towel for removing excess grease once the bacon is cooked and is out of the skillet.

It is pretty evident that frying is the most conventional method of cooking bacon and is an easier method. For everyone who prefers easier cooking, frying the bacon is a good choice. Generally, frying the bacon is suggested for people who like chewy and soft texture but you can make crispy bacon with low heating temperatures.

On top of everything, you have to continuously flip the bacon to achieve the right level of doneness. Also, you have to be incredibly careful while frying the bacon. When it comes down to frying the bacon, it is better that you use nonstick pans or skillets to ensure bacon is well-fried. In addition, you have to keep in mind that frying the bacon will take longer as compared to baking.

Frying the bacon is a suitable choice for people who don’t have ovens or want a soft texture. We must tell you that fried bacon is likely to curl up at the ends and some people even struggle with unevenly cooked bacon. That being said, if you want to fry the bacon, make sure to keep your eye on the bacon!

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