Bagel Bites vs Pizza Rolls – Which Is The Best Option?

bagel bites vs pizza rolls
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bagel bites vs pizza rolls

Snacking is everyone’s favorite and it’s needless to say that everyone loves the cheesy and savory snacks. So, when it comes down to these snacks, bagel bites vs. pizza rolls is the tough comparison because both of them are so delicious. Having said that, we are focusing on the comparison and how both these snacks are different!

Bagel Bites vs Pizza Rolls

When these delicious snacks are here, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that this is a superior battle, and everyone has been contemplating between these two. So, in the section below, we are sharing the differences between bagel bites and pizza rolls, such as;


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For the most part, it seems like children are more into bagel bites while adults love pizza rolls. This is because the bagel bites are made with a sweet sauce, which is the prime reason it’s liked by younger ones. In addition, when you bite on bagel bites, it tastes like they have a frozen notch, and they have a more processed flavor as compared to pizza rolls. For the most part, bagel bites are stuffed with cream cheese and are available in 6 flavors, including three-cheese, cheese and pepperoni, sausage and pepperoni, cheese, supreme, and mozzarella cheese. On the other hand, the pizza rolls are also available in different flavors, but they are more inclined towards cheese and pepperoni.


Bagel bites are simply small bagels that are topped with pizza toppings. The bagel bites have a pizza sauce, pepperoni, and cheese. On the other hand, pizza rolls are mini packets that have sausages, pepperonis, cheese, and ham, and the hamburger flavor is also available. The pizza rolls are available in round form as well as square packets, while bagel bites look like quiches since the toppings are visible.


When it comes down to the price factor, we do want to say that pizza rolls will offer better value for your money as compared to bagel bites because there are more pizza rolls at a smaller price. However, the prices also depend on where you purchase them from. This is because some grocery stores might have a discount available, so you can get these delicious snacks at a better price.

Nutritional Value

It’s safe to say that there aren’t many significant changes between bagel bites and pizza rolls. This is because the bagel bites are the most suitable if you want to consume less fat, carbs, and calories. On the other hand, pizza rolls are suitable for people who want to consume less cholesterol and sodium. Still, both bagel bites and pizza rolls are snacks, so it’s unfair to expect higher nutritional value, but we have already mentioned the differences, so you can choose accordingly. In the section below, we are sharing more information about the nutritional value;

  • Calories – the pizza rolls have 220 calories while bagel bites have 190 calories
  • Cholesterol – the pizza rolls have less than 5mg cholesterol while bagel bites have over 15mg of cholesterol
  • Sodium – the pizza rolls have 350mg sodium, but bagel bites have around 420ml sodium
  • Total sugar – both these snacks have 2g of total sugars
  • Dietary fiber – both these snacks have 1g of dietary fiber
  • Total carbs – the pizza rolls have 30g total carbs, and bagel bites have 27g total carbs

Bagel Bites Brand

The bagel bites were launched by Stanley Garkzynski and Bob Mosher, but the company was acquired by Heinz in the year 1991 for $500 million. These are the frozen pizza bagels and have the origination from the U.S. These mini-bagels are accentuated with cheese and pizza toppings (we have already mentioned the flavors above). Also, bagel bites are available in packets of 72, 40, 24, 18, and 9. They are also available in breakfast bagels that are made with breakfast toppings.

Pizza Rolls Brand

The pizza rolls are the frozen food snacks that include the bite-sized and breaded pizza pocket, while the interior is filled with pizza toppings, tomato sauce, and melted cheese. They are available in multiple flavors and can be quickly cooked in the microwave and oven. This snack is a trademark of General Mills, and they are the current owners of this frozen snack. So, which of these do you like the best?

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