Why Is My Avocado Turning Red?

avocado turning red
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avocado turning red

Avocados bring a great taste to your food. What’s great about using avocados is that you can freely use them in salads, toasts, or anything in between. Because of the added health benefits that come with avocados, people love to use them in most dishes.

Why Is Avocado Turning Red?

A bunch of confused users has been asking about seeing their avocados turn into reddish color from the inside after leaving them for a while. According to these users, they have no idea what the red color on these avocados means and what they can do about it.

If you are also someone who has experienced something similar and don’t have much idea of what the red color is about, then this article is for you! Using the article, we will be explaining everything that you need to know about avocado turning red.

Why Does This Happen?

For those of you wondering why the avocado’s suddenly changing its color, you’d be surprised to know that this is actually something that all avocados go through whenever they come directly in contact with oxygen in the air.

More specifically, avocados contain a bitter milky liquid that will turn red as soon as it gets into contact with oxygen from the atmosphere. The reason why this happens is simply because of the concentration of tannin present in avocados.

Because of this, you will notice the pit of the avocados turn red, especially when you leave them for a while. Most usually, this happens whenever the surface of the avocado is completely broken, or it has decayed or is overripe. In either case, you may notice the avocado’s color transforming into the red.

Furthermore, there are certainly other interesting facts about tannin, which seems to be found plenty in avocados. Even though both the seed and flesh of avocados have tannins, the reddish color is because of the tannin content present in seeds.

However, as tannin is also present in the flesh part of avocados, you will notice the fruit getting bitter in taste whenever it is cooked.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the skin of avocado may also turn red when it has spent too much time in front of the sun. Even though the leaves are supposed to prevent this from happening, but if you leave these fruit out in the sun for too long, their skin will turn completely red.

Normally, leaves are used to protect avocados from the rays of the sun. But if there is an area where the leaves are unable to cover the fruit, avocados will get burnt. Surprisingly enough, the inside of the fruit should still be completely fine.

Even without any commercial value left for the fruit, sunburnt avocados are totally edible.

Can You Restore Avocados?

In case you were thinking about a way of restoring avocados that have turn completely red, we’re afraid it’s just not possible. As discussed earlier, the main reason behind the fruit turning red in color is because it has overripened.

There isn’t any way on restoring these avocados back to their original form. But most of these avocados can still be eaten as they should still be hard from the inside.

Although you can’t restore these avocados, you can be more precautious in the future. Just make sure that you never leave your avocados in direct sunlight as it can be one of the main reasons for the fruit’s change in color.

Similarly, you will also have to avoid leaving the fruit out in the open for too long after you have cut it in half. The tannin content found inside the seeds of the fruit will make it turn red due to the oxygen found in the air.

The Bottom Line:

Why does an avocado turn red? The main reason behind the fruit’s odd behavior is mostly because of the tannin content that can be found inside the seeds of avocados. It is also the reason why the fruit may have a bitter taste when you start cooking it. For more details, be sure to read the article!

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