Are WearEver Aluminum Pots Safe?

are wearever aluminum pots safe
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are wearever aluminum pots safe

The consumption of minerals and aluminum can lead to fatal diseases. However, you don’t need to worry about aluminum cookware because it’s safe according to industry standards. For people who are fond of cooking, they would know that Wearever is an aluminum-based kitchenware brand. So, if you’ve always wondered about aluminum crockery’s safety, we have the answers for you!

Are WearEver Aluminum Pots Safe?

Aluminum cookware is famous around the world. Similarly, the Wearever pots are designed with even heat distribution and durability that has positively influenced the cooking experience. On the other hand, aluminum is only harmful if it’s consumed in a specific amount. However, the Wearever pots are safe from such issues because the aluminum percentage is within safe proportion.

For everyone concerned if the aluminum will leach into the food, the Weaver aluminum pots are anodized, which creates an additional layer on the top. This means that food will not come in contact with raw aluminum, which means the leaching chances are low, hence the safer cooking experience. Also, there are chances that aluminum cookware is either anodized or cladded.

Anodized Aluminum

The health issues are caused by raw aluminum, which is the prime difference between Wearever pots and cookware. This is because Wearever uses anodized aluminum, which is the prepared metal. The raw aluminum tends to react pretty quickly, leading to cancer, dementia, and Alzheimer’s. Anodized aluminum has an acidic solution coating on top that makes the pots less reactive and stiffer. Wearever pots are designed with even heat distribution and durability in mind, without compromising safety and health standards.

Cooking In Wearever Aluminum Pots

Wearever aluminum pots are handy with effective heat distribution and conduction. However, we don’t suggest cooking acidic foods in these pots, such as citrus, tomatoes, or vinegar. This is because aluminum foods can change the appearance and flavor of the food. Also, it can result in a pitted pan surface.

In some cases, it can lead to a metallic taste in acidic foods. With this being said, it’s pretty clear that aluminum pots by Wearever are incredibly safe to use. Still, it can adversely impact the texture and appearance of acidic foods. All in all, Wearever has anodized aluminum construction, which means they don’t react with food and will not leach into the food.

The aluminum pots help with heat conduction. According to the results, the aluminum pots tend to heat up 16% faster as compared to the stainless steel pots. Even more, the aluminum pots tend to be lightweight and are equally affordable. The only downside of aluminum pots is that they “might” react with acidic food. Still, the anodized material is usually safer and reduces reaction.  

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that Wearever aluminum pots are easy and safe to use. This is because Wearever tends to use the anodized aluminum as it doesn’t react with acidic food. So, you have nothing to worry about except that acidic food might struggle with the texture and appearance!

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