3 Best Substitutes For Zwieback Toast

zwieback toast substitutes
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zwieback toast substitutes

Do you remember Nabisco zwieback toasts? Is nostalgia creeping in? They are not available in the stores now. Zwieback in German meaning to bake two times. Zwieback toasts are sweet in flavor and are fed to teething babies.

Although they are made specifically for children, adults enjoy them equally. The texture is crispy, and the recipe uses eggs mainly. The crispiness is because the toast is sliced before baking the second time. As they are not easily available these days, you might want to look at a list of zwieback toast substitutes.

Zwiebacks are best for teething children; however, you could use them with cream, cheese, or a spread of your choice. Use it as a teatime snack that is tasty and fulfilling if you are adding any extra item. It may be new for you, but zwiebacks can treat stomach upsets as they can absorb acid. Italian biscotti and zwieback toasts are often confused with one another.

The major difference is the presence of nuts and spices in biscotti, as compared to a plain zwieback. The flavor is a little sweet but overall is flavorless. Thus, both children and adults enjoy these toasts. Eat it as much as you like without feeling guilty.

Zwieback Toast Substitutes

1) Homemade zwieback toast

If the problem lies in the availability of the toast, then you can go for any homemade recipe to substitute it. Follow the recipe properly and you will surely achieve tasty toast. The making and baking process is simple. A benefit of this toast is that you can keep them in an airtight jar as long as you want. Since they lack moisture, they are long-lasting.


You would require milk, sugar, butter, flour, yeast, cinnamon, and nutmeg.


  • Warm half a cup of milk and add yeast to activate it. Allow 5 minutes for this step.
  • After this, add a cup of melted butter along with other ingredients including one-fourth teaspoon of cinnamon and nutmeg both and three eggs.
  • Once you combine the mixture properly, add the basic element i.e., the flour to knead the dough. Keep on adding more flour until you get the best dough.
  • Allow it to rise until twice its original size.
  • Make three rolls out of the dough and leave it for some time again.
  • Bake them and allow them to cool.
  • Here comes the tricky part, slice the roll in half.
  • Then bake it again for 10-15 minutes. The crispy texture comes from slicing and baking for the second time.

2) Melba Toast

The history of this toast dates back to an Australian singer whose chef made this toast for her after she fell ill. It is very close to zwieback toasts in texture. Melba toast is cut down in very thin slices and has a crisp texture.

You can enjoy Melba toast as a topping on salad and soups like French onion soup. If you want to enjoy it as it is, apply some cheese or peanut butter. The toast requires grilling on both sides. The toast is then sliced into thin pieces to allow toasting on all sides.

You could easily substitute this for babies by crushing the melba toast. These are available in the grocery stores, but you can try them at home too.

3) Panko Breadcrumbs

Babies are delicate so their diet is carefully monitored. These light and crispy breadcrumbs can prove to be a great alternative to zwieback toasts. These crumbs come from a special white bread that does not have crumbs. It is flavorless and very light making it a choice when introducing to teething children.

Teething biscuits for children are important to introduce them to new flavors and help them chew stuff. Zwieback toasts were ideal for this role. However, they are not in the market now. You could try out other options to fulfill this need.

You can make them with the easy recipe we have mentioned above. Homemade zwieback toasts are healthier and more in quantity. A couple of other zwieback toast substitutes, the melba toast and panko breadcrumbs can do the job too. Every parent commits to providing the best for their baby. It depends on what you want your child to have.

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