5 Common Zojirushi Multicooker Problems (Troubleshooting)

zojirushi multicooker problems
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zojirushi multicooker problems

For the Zojirushi multicooker, the name says it all, you don’t have to think twice before investing in this brand. If you’re a rice lover, you must be familiar with the Zojirushi rice cooker. The brand has introduced another product in the market, the Zojirushi Multicooker.

Unlike the rice maker, the multicooker can cook 9 different menus at multiple settings. The multicooker is entirely composed of stainless steel and can help you sauté, sear and simmer your meals. You can operate it on low and slow settings, along with that steaming vegetables will no longer be an issue anymore.

The Zojirushi multicooker uses 1,350-watt high-powered output to properly cook the food inside. The key is to provide even heating and maintain a stable temperature on the inside. Both are two qualities the Zojirushi multicooker possesses.  With the Zojirushi multicooker, cooking is no longer a hurdle for anyone. All you have to do is, measure out the ingredients and add the correct amount of water. The preset settings evenly cook your food, leaving you with very little to worry about.

Zojirushi Multicooker Problems

Although the Zojirushi multicooker is very well built using the best products. Mentioned below are a few minor issues you might face along with their solutions.

1) Multicooker won’t turn on:

Using the Zojirushi multicooker be very careful of your measuring quantities. Otherwise, the multicooker might not turn on at all. Use accurate measuring cups and try not overdoing them. Although the multicooker comes with an overflow stop that prevents excessive content inside the multicooker from flowing out.

Next, make sure if the multicooker cooker properly fits in the socket. If not, try using a different socket. At times sockets get faulty due to electricity fluctuation, make sure nothing of that sort is going on.

2) Multicooker settings are tricky if you don’t understand them:

When you get the multicooker, after unpacking it, the first thing you should be doing is to read the user instruction manual. Each multicooker comes with a manual that gives you a better understanding of the multicooker. It is advisable to have a sound understanding of the multicooker before using it.

The multicooker has inbuilt settings and temperature sensors that automatically operate and cook food. The water quantity varies from recipe to recipe. Make sure you’re following an authentic recipe before you begin.

3) Can’t change the settings once the Multicooker has started working?

Once the multicooker is operational you won’t be able to change settings. This means lets say you initially chose the steam option but after a while, you want to sear the meal, in that case, you’ll have to first cancel the previous settings.

Once the previous settings are canceled, you can then select the new settings and carry on. It won’t be possible if you try switching from one program setting to another without canceling the previous one.

4) Are you worried because the multicooker won’t make any sound?

The best feature that comes with the Zojirushi multicooker is the sound feature. Once you’ve put the raw ingredients inside the multicooker and set the appropriate settings you can then easily carry out the rest of your daily tasks. The sound system alerts you once the food is ready.

 However, at times you might notice that the multicooker is no longer making any sound. Before you panic, just press the ‘+’ button for 5 seconds or longer. The “sound on” and “sound off” option will automatically appear on the screen. Chose the ‘sound on’ option and the multicooker will start notifying you once the food is ready.

5) Why can’t I adjust the slow steam temperature?

Before you get worried about why the slow steam settings won’t work, read up the instruction manual. Most Manuals come up with inbuilt slow steaming settings that don’t allow you to alter the settings according to your requirement.

The inbuilt settings are ideally set and will cook your meal perfectly.

The Zojirushi multicooker will rarely cause any trouble and will enhance your cooking experience. Contact the official company or a professional if you’re facing an issue and you can’t figure it out on your own. There is no need to take a risk when it comes to kitchen appliances. Empty the multicooker pot and wait till it gets accessed properly.

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