Yogurt vs Pudding – What Makes Them Different?

yogurt vs pudding
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Yogurt vs Pudding

Dairy products are the best way to ensure you can healthily fulfill your daily nutrition requirements. They are not only healthy but also taste perfectly great and can be used for a wide range of recipes at the same time.

That would be allowing you to have a nutrition enriched experience with the right taste on it that you can enjoy. However, knowing which of these dairy products you can use for a certain recipe and more precisely how to use them is another story.

That is why, you will need to conduct thorough research as to which of these you would like to have, and which one you can use for any specific recipe you might be making. Yogurt and Pudding are two such dairy products that you get to enjoy for desserts or using them for many recipes. They are almost pretty similar in texture, which might be confusing for some of the people starting with their kitchen expertise.

There are a few key differences between them both that you will need to know to ensure that you can differentiate them properly. Not only that, but it will also be allowing you to know how you can properly use them.

The Differences Between Yogurt vs Pudding


Yogurt is the form that is mostly used all across the world in various recipes, and alone as well. The core difference that you need to know about is the process of how the yogurt is made. Yogurt is a product that is made through Lacto-fermentation. You introduce the bacteria to milk and let it sit overnight. The bacteria ferment the milk and make it thicker for you to be consumed. Yogurt is one of the healthiest snacks you can get.

It is also used for several drinks and can be eaten alone. While the best part about yogurt is, it’s not the final product and can be further used to make cheese, curd, and more. The yogurt is also a commercial product and you can get flavored yogurt pretty commonly out there in the market to be used for eating it alone or with some other snack. That should be adding tons of value to your overall experience.

The Yogurt is also pretty great for you to be enjoying for some meat recipes as it balances the spices and adds the right thickness that you might be looking to have on the curry. That is something that you cannot ignore. The yogurt is a bit sweet, but most of the time it tastes the same as milk and if treated right it turns out to be tasteless on its own. That adds the right value to your overall experience with the yogurt and it’s a must-have for every kitchen. Be mindful that you need to keep the yogurt refrigerated at all times to avoid getting it bad.


Pudding on the other hand is a sort of dessert. It’s made by adding thickening products to the milk such as corn starch and more. Now, since these products have their taste as well, you will be getting a distinct taste in the pudding. It is mostly considered as a dessert and is eaten with some other similar dishes.

It can be made by adding several things such as corn starch, arrowroot, flour, rice, or eggs to milk. That doesn’t only thicken the milk, but it also changes the texture and taste accordingly. That is why there are some other ingredients as well that you might need to add and that should be defining how the pudding will taste.

Depending on the ingredients, you will also need to figure out if you need to cook/bake the pudding and that should be allowing you to enjoy just the perfect experience as you might have been seeking. Pudding is the final product that you will get, and making it right should be allowing you to consume it properly as well.

It’s made of milk as the basic ingredient, the same as yogurt, but all the other ingredients that are to be added for the pudding make it a whole another deal and that is something you particularly need to keep in mind while dealing with it.

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